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Crystals for Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks are often described as negative energy directed towards someone, which can cause emotional, mental, or physical harm. While there's no scientific evidence to support the existence of psychic attacks, many people believe in them and seek ways to protect themselves.

Crystal protection is a practice that involves using crystals to create a barrier or shield against negative energy. Different crystals are believed to have various properties that can help with protection, such as black tourmaline, obsidian, or amethyst.

To protect against psychic attacks using crystals, you might:

1. Select the Right Crystals: Choose crystals that are believed to have protective properties. Black tourmaline is commonly used for protection against negative energy, while obsidian is thought to absorb negative energy. Amethyst is believed to have purifying properties that can cleanse the energy around you.

2. Cleanse and Charge: Before using the crystals for protection, it's essential to cleanse them of any negative energy they may have absorbed and charge them with your intention. This can be done through various methods like smudging with sage, placing them under moonlight, or using other cleansing rituals.

3. Create a Protective Barrier: Carry the crystals with you or place them strategically in your environment to create a protective barrier against negative energy and psychic attacks. You might wear them as jewelry, keep them in your pocket, or place them around your home or workplace.

4. Set Intentions: While using the crystals, set clear intentions for the protection you seek. Visualize a shield of light surrounding you, deflecting any negative energy or psychic attacks directed toward you.

5. Regular Maintenance: Crystals may lose their effectiveness over time as they absorb negative energy, so it is essential to cleanse and recharge your items regularly to maintain their protective properties.

It's important to note that while many people find comfort and support in practices like crystal protection, it's also essential to address any underlying issues causing distress or negativity. Seeking support from trained professionals, such as therapists or counselors, can provide additional help in dealing with challenging situations or emotions.

Psychic attacks occur when negative and evil energies are directed towards you with deliberate or un-deliberate intentions. It is extremely important to protect ourselves and our loved ones from psychic attacks, psychic vampires, and all sorts of evil eyes.

What are the symptoms of being psychically attacked?

  • Irritation all the time

  • Frequent mood swings

  • Anger for no reason

  • Sudden fatigue

  • Sudden nightmares

  • Lack of focus and concentration

  • Easily influenced by others

  • Feels threatened

  • Stays in fear

  • Falls sick frequently

  • Less immunity than before

  • Sudden change in character

  • Lack of clarity in the thinking

  • Sudden energy loss

  • Sudden depression

  • Hallucination

  • Obsessive negative thoughts

  • Hearing weird voices

  • Ongoing bad luck

  • Crying for no reason

  • Paranoia

  • Sudden goosebumps for no reason

  • Restlessness

  • Bruises on body parts after sleeping

  • And more…..

These stones have other healing properties too of course.

Amethyst is an all-purpose stone. As a protection stone, it protects against witchcraft, dark energies, black magic, and evil eyes. It is also considered one of the best stones to carry during traveling.

Bloodstone protects against entities and all forms of harmful spirits and provides total psychic protection.

Black Tourmaline Very powerful stone against psychic attacks and ward off dark and negative energies. It is one of the stones that can also transmit negative energies to light.

Black Obsidian/ Black Onyx Psychic defense; Blocks negative influences.

Carnelian protects you from injuries, wards off harmful spirits, and blocks others’ attempts to read your thoughts.

Jasper returns negative energy to its origin.

Tigers eyeProtects against unwanted energy forms (negative thoughts and spirits).

Clear Quartz Transmutes negative to positive.

Black Kyanite Destroys negativity and attacks coming towards you.

Lapis Lazuli creates a protective shield and returns psychic attacks to the sender.

Fluorite Acts as a guard against psychic attacks.

Peridot is a powerful shield against dark energies and all kinds of psychic forces.

Grey Jasper is a powerful protection stone in general, strong protection against black magic.

Mica protects against anger and eliminates negative personality traits.

These are just a few common crystals listed above. There are of course many more crystals that work against psychic attacks.

How to use

  • Spray crystal water on your aura.

  • Carry it with you in your pocket, purse, or bag.

  • Wear it as a pendant, necklace, or bracelet.

  • Put it under your pillow.

  • Write your wish on paper invoking symbols and wrap it around your crystal.

  • Meditate with the stone.

  • Make a crystal grid for protection.

  • Place anywhere in the house or workplace.

When discussing mental health and psychic attacks, it's crucial to approach the topic with sensitivity and respect for varying beliefs and perspectives. From a psychological standpoint, experiences that some individuals interpret as psychic attacks may align more closely with psychological phenomena such as anxiety, paranoia, or intrusive thoughts.

Here are some key points to consider when exploring the intersection of mental health and psychic attack beliefs:

1. Psychological Explanations: Mental health professionals often approach distressing experiences through psychological frameworks. Symptoms such as feelings of being watched, paranoia or sudden mood changes may be attributed to conditions like anxiety disorders, paranoia, or mood disorders rather than external psychic attacks.

2. Belief Systems and Coping Mechanisms: For some individuals, beliefs in psychic attacks may serve as coping mechanisms or explanations for distressing experiences they cannot easily understand or control. These beliefs can offer a sense of empowerment or control in situations where they may feel vulnerable or overwhelmed.

3. Cultural and Spiritual Context: Beliefs in psychic attacks often arise from cultural or spiritual traditions that view the world through a lens of energy, spirituality, or interconnectedness. In these contexts, seeking protection through practices like energy clearing, prayer, or the use of protective objects (such as crystals) may be common.

4. Holistic Approaches: Some individuals may adopt holistic approaches to mental health that integrate both psychological and spiritual perspectives. In these cases, addressing mental health concerns may involve a combination of traditional therapeutic techniques and practices aimed at spiritual protection or energy management.

5. Supportive Interventions: Regardless of whether one attributes distressing experiences to psychic attacks or mental health issues, seeking support from mental health professionals can be beneficial. Therapists can provide a safe space to explore and address concerns, develop coping strategies, and work towards improved mental well-being.

Ultimately, the relationship between mental health and beliefs in psychic attacks can vary widely among individuals and communities. It's essential to approach these discussions with empathy, respect, and an understanding of diverse perspectives, while also prioritizing evidence-based approaches to mental health and well-being.

Stay safe and protected ☺


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