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30 Sacred Herbs for Smudging and Cleansing Purposes.

According to ancient ways and traditions, they know that at plants that have sacred healing and cleansing essence.  Smudging is a vital way to complete sacred work. It clears stuck and low vibration energies. These herbs have some properties used for smudging. The herbs have been for centuries seen in the Middle East, Far East, South American, and North American cultures. What are the sacred herbs for smudging? The list below is a helpful guide for some of the known available Smudging/ Cleansing Herbs. 

Aspen Aspen is known to be used traditionally for protection and the essential oils in the leaves work as a type of anxiety reducer. Aspen burns quickly, Because of this, sometimes it's simply preferred to add Aspen essential oils in Sage Smudge Sprays..  Rosemary Rosemary is known to be soothing and encourages a sense of peace within your environment. Rosemary also removes negative energy from places and spaces because of this, Rosemary is known to be added into a mix with Sage Bundles. 

Lemongrass Lemongrass is for purifying and cleansing, Lemongrass is also known to have an amazing energizing scent as well which is refreshing and encourages Clarity and Focus.  Sage energizing Sage isn't just known for being an antibacterial, The smoke from sage to use to cleanse, bless and heal, remove negativity from an object or person being cleansed. Sage is unique because of the many different types and scents. From White Sage, Common Sage to Desert Sage and for those who may dislike the scent of White Sage, Desert and Loaded sage mixes are the best alternative for the hints of woody and sweet scents which is for Cleansing, Balance, Strengthening.  Cinnamon Cinnamon is known for increasing energy and motivation and it even aids in healing, Burning cinnamon is best used if you have a cold or flu, The essential oils in cinnamon help relax, soothe you and can even make you feel a little better. Blue Spruce Blue Spruce is rare, well, least commonly used for smudging cleansing however, much like Cedar, Blue Spruce has a very welcoming scent known to used for cleansing purposes for Serenity, grace and nobility. Cedar Cedar is known to be used commonly for beginners, it's also known to be used commonly along with white sage. Cedar is a very slow-burning and perfect for full smudge rituals as well.  Traditionally, Cedar has been used simply for Renewal and Protection and grounding. Eucalyptus Eucalyptus isn't just used as a great decongestant during the cold season and known for muscle relief in bath products, Smudging with eucalyptus is for protection, health-boosting as well as being energizing for cleansings.  Bay Leaves  The aromatic  Essential oil in bay leaves, while smudging is known to work as a mood booster. The Bay leaf has multiple uses from Protection, Healing and Calming to Success, victory and being an Anxiety reducer.   Myrrh The resin Myrrh is mentioned in religious context For Christians, Muslims, and Jewish context, This resin is known for enlightenment, healing, and grounding. The Oil and Resin alike is known for having a familiar earthy scent.  Lavender Lavender is known to help encourage a restful night's sleep as well as peace of mind, relaxation, and happiness. Lavender is a unique cleansing tool, actually, when you burn lavender petals along with the stems, the lavender scent is simply increased as it burns, It's a lovely scented combination with Blue Or Desert sage.   Peppermint Regardless if you would like a perfect winter blend incense or a good winter blend cleansing mix, Peppermint is simply refreshing and soothing.   pine Pine is an excellent herb for cleansing and protection. Like all evergreens, Pine is associated with prosperity and good health. Pine needles are traditionally used to bless a new home. In Druid lore, the Pine tree stands for persistence, moderation, and self-confidence.

Desert Sage  Desert sage, called the desert rose, is the favorable option to using White Sage, This Sage Is great for burning through and through without needing to be relit (as bundles) While, This Sage holds the same cleansing properties as white sage, the scent is entirely different. Desert sage is used to ward off bad feelings and influences. Catnip  Cats find catnip quite the therapeutic herb, however, for smudging cleansings, it can be therapeutic for our use as well. Traditionally speaking, Catnip was burned for love, beauty, and happiness within the home or sacred space.  Clove Clove used to drive away hostile, negative forces, for Psychics, this herb is known as the Psychic enhancer. It is also used to produce spiritual vibrations and to purify the area. Dill Dill is used  for protection, luck traditionally during smudging Dandelion  The properties of dandelion correspond perfectly. It is also associated with the elements of the air, Dandelion is used for divination, spirit calling, traditionally. Palo Santo The name Palo Santo translates to "Holy wood"  best when used for deep healing and clearing energy. Its benefits include relieving the symptoms of headaches, inflammation, emotional trauma, stress, colds, and much more. Palo Santo has a citrus-like scent. Ginger Ginger is a powerful protective ingredient that can be found almost in every kitchen. The herb is used for protection. Calendula  Calendula is traditionally used for purification and ceremonial uses, however, this flower goes well with general incense as well. Basil  Because dried herbs are generally more potent and concentrated than fresh herbs, just like sage and many other herbs, a little goes a long way. Basil is the premiere culinary herb. It has a marvelous variety of benefits which includes bringing about happiness, steadies the mind and peace within your sacred space.  Chamomile Chamomile is used in many Organic Bath products, The oils are best in Smudge Sprays along with other herbs for happiness and comfort.  White sage Named the best herb for protection and purification during smudging White sage is known for its antibacterial properties as well as the traditional value, used by Native Americans for centuries for clearing negative energies of spaces, people or objects. Thyme  Thyme is an excellent herb for removing obstacles, mind blocks, negative feelings and it works as a memory booster. Lilac Lilac is added for scent as well a soothing, relaxing and grounding. Allspice Allspice is used for attracting positive energy determination, uplifting.  Amaranth   Amaranth removes intuition blocks, helps aid in healing, Adds in additional comfort to your sacred space.   . Frankincense At one time, frankincense was more valuable than gold, Also mentioned in holy text, . The frankincense is used to cleanse and Its benefits, when used for smudging, include reducing stress, easing tension, and reduces headaches. Mugwort Mugwort mixed with common dried Sage is called Black Sage, however, Mugwort alone is not a type of sage but combined its used for smudging, cleansing purposes or as the mugwort plant is actually called Artemisia Vulgaris: the herb brings clarity deepens intuitive abilities as well as removes the unwanted energy. The Purpose of  The Abalone shell? While smudging its best to use a flame resistant bowl, The abalone shell has been used for centuries for its durability and flame resistance and this shell can be used with or without a stand to protect surfaces from heat damage while smudging. Mixing Sage With Other Herbs  Sage is the most commonly used method of cleansing/ smudging, however, you can mix your Sage with many other Herbs as well, which simply adds the additional benefits to your normal smudging/ cleansing routine. There are many herbs for smudging. The essence of these herbs goes beyond the obvious use of these plants and vibrates deeper than its physical benefits and constituents. The pure nature of plants has led to people loving them for their traditional/medical use in smudging and cleansing.

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