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Animal Healing At Rockcollage

The spring season is for self improvement! Not just for you, but your furry family members too 🐶.

Meet Shiloh:

A pup with a heart of gold, Shiloh was adopted by our dear friend, supporter and client Reba. Shiloh had dealt with a past full of anxiety and abuse, and being adopted by Reba was the start to his new beginning, a chapter of life that wasn’t available before.

Years later, Shiloh is thriving under the care of Reba, a natural caretaker and nurturer, and even has a brother, Shadow!

Although his environment had shifted, Shiloh was still struggling with anxiety, and remaining in fight or flight mode when it came to interacting with dogs and people.

Reba decided to take it a step further, as she wanted do everything in her power to make sure Shiloh could live his best life, comfortably and confidently. That’s when she decided to try out a custom crystal collar for her pup, made by us for Shiloh!

Bringing Shiloh in, he was shy, on guard, upon meeting owner and jeweler, Judith, but gradually found his zen within the comforting walls of the Rock Collage.

Judith was able to pinpoint what stones would help Shiloh with regaining his confidence and easing his anxiety, and he walked away with an awesome collar, crafted just for him!

A few days later we were blown away by pictures and videos of Shiloh, his demeanor doing a 180!

Dogs attempting to intimidate Shiloh were met with a calm, quiet and happy face!

Being able to help out our furry friend melted our hearts, and we can’t wait to see how his progress goes. Shiloh has shown us the power of never giving up, that there’s always a way to be the best version of yourself and that with love, people who support and believe in you, anything is possible!

Reference: Unknown Source


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