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Are You Going Through a Terrible Break-Up? Let These Crystals Help You

Heartbreak is common with all things living. However, with the power of crystals, you cannot only let go of old love but also find and attract your true love as well. There is no medicine for a broken heart, but crystals can help alleviate certain triggers you might find yourself going through.

If you suffered a horrifyingly shattering breakup recently, you need the power, warmth, and help of the below 9 crystals the most! ( We have many options, but we didn't want to write a novel) 9 Crystals that Help Through Breakup

Losing your love or trust in a loved one is definitely not easy, let alone the aftermath of ripping off someone you kept too close to your heart. However, if you want peace in life, you need to move on, let go and dream new, or else your pending dreams will haunt you. Wearing the right crystals can transform your perceptions and transcend your reality like nothing else! · Smoky quartz Ideal for de-stressing, Smoky Quartz can row past your past, even during the craziest breakups. Wearing Smokey Quartz during times of dismay after the breakup will remove the chronic stress and establish peace. Try your hand wearing this Smokey crystal quartz over the Root chakra if you have a broken heart. It's also amazing for forgiving yourself for situations that were out of your control · Rose quartz A significantly important crystal is Rose Quartz, known for its compassionate vibrations. In addition to attracting true love, Rose quartz can emphatically comfort heartbreaks too. A harmonious crystal known for resonating warm vibes to distract you from the misery of past breakups, Rose Quartz is a must-have if your love life is going through tough times. · Carnelian A positive crystal known as the self-esteem stone, Carnelian is known to inspire and motivate best during a divorce or breakup. If your past is unwilling to prevent emotional turmoil, hold a carnelian and meditate for a few minutes until you feel calm. · Garnet The healing crystal of Hope, Garnet is best to hold your hand through dark times. Garnet wearers find it easy to move on as the healing stone fills them with overwhelming confidence. Wearing the powerful healing crystal also fills you with new confidence too. · Peridot The radiant green color energy of peridot is best to get over negative blocks and to recognizing new open doors of your love life. Peridot is an excellent healing stone to let go of leftover love from your broken relationships. · Pink Tourmaline A crystal known to clean your mind and body in addition to heartaches is Pink Tourmaline. The bright love energies of Pink Tourmaline are perfect as it activates the Crown Chakra to decrease the value you give to your past relationships. If you also have depression due to your recent breakup, wear Pink Tourmaline on your Crown Chakra and meditate every day before and after sleep. · Chrysocolla A gorgeous healing stone that also possesses the power to lighten your weight, Chrysocolla opens the throat chakra and vents out the emotional blockage. Chrysocolla wearers are blessed with the exceptional power to make peace with all past experiences, especially toxic relationships. · Coral An excellent and stunning healing crystal to quiet your emotional upheavals, Coral brings inner peace. Wearing Coral for a long also heals all kinds of grief such as the death of a loved one too. Referred to as the flowers of the sea, Corals are excellent during distress and depression as well. · Fluorite Comprising all the color energies in a rainbow, Fluorite opens your heart and immerses you in spiritual truth. Not only does it work wonders on a person suffering from heartbreak, but it also brings balance to the wearer’s life by letting go of the past. Before You Go…

Crystals work miracles during emotional turmoil way better than medicines. Regardless of which relationship killed your heart the most, pick a crystal from the above that you bond the most with. If you’re new to crystals, a cure for breakups through crystals might sound absurd to you. Read more on Love Crystals to understand the Crystal Physics that surrounds love vibrations to understand how Crystal Physics works.

Honorable Mention that didn't make the list but is great to try:

- Lepidolite

- Mookaite Jasper

- Yellow Calcite

- Sunstone

- Red Aventurine

- Red Calcite

- Chrysocolla

- Blue Aventurine

- Clear Quartz

Healing crystals can work magic by altering your emotional imbalance and filling you with renewed self-esteem too.

Check these out for yourself and see if any resonates well with you.

Do you have any or all of these already? Let us know!

Love Always



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