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Black Salt And it's properties

Black Salt is used for cursing, protection, banishing, cleansing, breaking spells or hexes, and repelling negative energy.

Black salt is made by combining either activated charcoal or ashes from burned herbs or incense with sea salt.

Using activated charcoal will actually make your salt a dark black color, whereas using ashes will turn it into a lighter grey color.

Depending on what you plan to use black salt for, you can add different types of ash or other ingredients that correspond with your intent.

Ashes from various herbs and incenses for black salt:

Basil - banishing, protection, spell-breaking

Cedarwood - cleansing, protection

Cypress - protection

Dragon’s blood - cleansing, protection, cursing, banishing

Frankincense - cleansing, protection, spell-breaking

Mullein - protection (especially for acts of magick involving spirit work)

Rosemary - cleansing, banishing

Rue - banishing, cursing, protection, spell-breaking

Sage - cleansing, protection, banishing

Sandalwood - cleansing, protection

Thyme - cleansing, banishing

Tobacco - banishing, cursing

Valerian - protection

Wormwood - cursing, protection, spell-breaking

Other ingredients you can add to black salt:

Black pepper - cleansing, banishing, cursing, protection

Cayenne pepper - banishing, cursing, protection

Chili powder - banishing, cursing, spell-breaking

Garlic salt - banishing, cleansing, spell-breaking

Iron shavings (like from the bottom of your cauldron or a cast-iron pot or pan) - protection

Nutmeg - protection, spell-breaking

Onion salt - banishing, spell-breaking

Making black salt:

Combine the ingredients and grind together using a mortar and pestle, coffee grinder, or herb grinder

Using black salt:

Add to spell jars or sachets Sprinkle in areas around your home to create a barrier

Create a circle of protection before performing spellsKeep a container of black salt under your bed or pillow to prevent nightmares or bad dreams

Add to a jar to create a

Negativity Trap

If using skin-safe components and ingredients, make a facial scrub or mask for cleansing

Anoint objects with black salt

Add to a container of

War Water (especially if your black salt contains iron shavings)Sprinkle a small amount on a neighbor’s lawn to make them want to move

Add some to a hollow pendant and wear to deflect negativity Sprinkle on items that hold bad or negative memories to cleanse them

Add a line of black salt in front of doorways and windows to keep out negative energy and spirits or entities

Add a pinch to homemade floor washes for cleansing

Use to symbolize the waning, new, and dark moon; or Saturn and Pluto

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