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Buffalo Meaning

In general, buffalo symbolism is a reminder that you always have everything you need. It also means that your attitude towards abundance influences the rest of this planet. Moreover, this beast teaches us that abundance is present if you honor everything as sacred.  You will always have plenty when you express gratitude to every part of creation. Buffalo symbolism is also representative of prayer, gratitude, and praise. You can call upon this animal for the needs of all creatures. It will bring you harmony. Therefore, buffalo meaning teaches you to be thankful for the gifts you have already received.

Alternatively, totem could also be reminding you that you need to stay grounded as you work toward greater abundance. Your path toward success is equally as important as the goals that you accomplish.

Because they’re so closely related, Buffalo and Bison are mostly interchangeable in terms of their symbolism and meaning – also when working with their energy and medicine as Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals.

The iconic Buffalo has numerous symbolic meanings in various settings. Some Buffalo and Bison symbolism includes manifesting our desires, the Earth element, bravery, kindness, strength, and respect. Buffalo spirit walks a sacred path, knowing the planet is truly a holy space and living creature. All things under Father Sky and on Mother Earth are connected through Buffalo medicine. When Buffalo travels with you, remember to live in gratitude and stay true to yourself. Honor the gifts the Universe bestows, and the lessons Buffalo teaches.

Harmonious, meaningful living is a large part of Buffalo Spirit Animal’s message. When we accept with thankfulness, prosperity comes naturally. Buffalo’s mantra is “count your blessings”. Buffalo also seeks an on-going relationship with The Great Spirit and all of creation, including self.

The attitude of gratitude opens the path to much more in life than abundance. Buffalo energy also brings joy, wellness, and healthy relationships. Open your arms and receive these gifts! Your problems look so much smaller when you begin working with Buffalo’s focus on the good things right before you.

A Buffalo’s body contributes to its meanings and symbolism too. They have powerful bodies, strong shoulders, and large heads. The body weight keeps Buffalo grounded and sure. His shoulders can bear burdens with grace and balance. And the head represents using our mind and staying connected to our Higher Self.

Buffalo and Bison's meaning and symbolism is very family-oriented. These massive creatures protect the children and each other with communal diligence. When something threatens that unit, Buffalo goes into action and can be very dangerous until the balance is restored.



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