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Candle Color and Flame Meaning

Candle Color and Flame Meaning

For centuries candles of different colors have been burned in rituals to attract desired emotions, material wealth, or karma and can be one of the most effective tools used for meditation, rituals and other ceremonies. With a relaxed, positive state of mind, burn the candle color that best influences your motivation and think about what you want to accomplish.

The power of fire and candle burning is evident in all cultures across the globe; since the beginning of time fire has been used in rituals, ceremonies, and other sacred parts of life. Candle Burning plays important roles in many rituals, magic, spell castings, meditations, prayer, and devotions. The energy created and taken is more than scientific; it is spiritual and metaphysical. From the burning bush that appeared to Moses to the simple wishes made from a birthday cake. It’s important to note that the power is yours to use but use it wisely. When you burn candles for special events; it is important to choose your candle color according to your situation or purpose in mind. Colors can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas. Colored candles are powers, and for each situation or conditions that you find yourself in – there is the right candle color for you! The energy and power of the colored candle and flame united to bring forth special releases that fill up the space around us with magical forces. Here are some of the meanings of colors and the energies contained in their corresponding candles.

With knowledge and Understanding in Candles, Colors, and their meanings you can accomplish many great things for yourself and achieve what you once thought was impossible.

Black: Used in rituals to induce a deep meditational state, to protect and/or to ward off negativity. Can be used to banish evil or negativity as in uncrossing rituals; attracts Saturn energy. Burning black with any other color is said to dissolves all negative energies.

Blue: The primary spiritual color It’s used to obtain wisdom, harmony, inner light, or peace; confers truth and guidance. Other uses include healing, sleep, creativity, perception, calming wisdom, truth, loyalty, dreams, and the examination of emotions. Some say it represents the divine mother.

Blue (Dark): Promotes laughter and joy as well as loyalty. Can be used to attract Jupiter energy, or whenever an influence needs to be increased. Confers wisdom and self-awareness. Can be calming and assist sleep. Also used to influence truth, dreams, emotions, and loyalty.

Blue (Light): Another very spiritual color: it is used to increase peace, tranquility, patience, and calmness. It radiates Aquarian energy and can be used in devotional or inspirational meditations; employ where a situation must be synthesized.

Blue (Royal): Mostly used to confer wisdom, protection, and good fortune. Increases spiritual awareness. It also can increases communication, which can cause change. Can bring about a deep meditational state. Used in rituals that need increased Saturn energy.

Brown: This is an earthy, well-balanced color It is used for rituals of material increase. It is said to eliminate indecisiveness and improve powers of concentration, study, and/or telepathy. Said to increases financial success. It also represents the home. Some say those born under Capricorn will be more potent in their work using it.

Gold Fosters understanding and is said to bring about fast luck or money. Represents solar energy. It is used to heal all inner wounds, also to confer money smarts. Prosperity, wealth, money, attraction. Some also say it represents enlightenment, protection and the Divine Mother.

Green: Promotes prosperity, fertility, and success. Stimulates good luck, can increase money, harmony, and rejuvenation. Also represents Healing, health, and growth. Can be an important component in rituals involving Venus; it It canattracts love, and social delights.


Green (Dark): Color of ambition, greed, and jealousy. Used to counteract these influences in a ritual. Also relates to personal goals.

Gray: Useful when pondering complex issues. It can neutralize negative influences without repercussions. Represents balance, encourages stability, helps develop psychic abilities. In magic, this color often sparks confusion; it also can negate or neutralize a negative influence.

Indigo: This is the color of inertia; stops situations or people; best used in rituals that require a deep meditational state. Also stimulates Saturnian energy.

Ivory: (beige): neutrality, balance, and harmlessness

Lavender: Mother consciousness, manifestation, and selflessness, Spirituality, compassion, understanding, inspiration, make contact with Higher-Self, attract spiritual assistance, very calming.

Magenta: This is a combination of red and violet that oscillates on a high frequency. It’s used to energize rituals where immediate action and high levels of power or spiritual healing are required.

Orange: Used as a balancing element. Promotes mental agility, energy, success, and stamina. It’s used to affect legal matters, success, action, and promotion. Gives encouragement, adaptability, and stimulation. Cleanses negative attitudes, situations and places.

Peach: Promotes restoration and rejuvenation. Confers a softness and gentleness.

Pink: Represents emotions from the heart and raises energies. This is the standard for all rituals that are used to draw love.

Pink (Dark): Represents friends and family, and healing in the family. Promotes romance, and friendship brings hope. It can promote restful sleep.

Pink (Light): Represents devotion, love, tenderness, and faith. Feminine energy.

Purple: Is used to obtain desires, power and success. Can stimulate idealism and psychic manifestations and help make contact with the spiritual world. Increases enthusiasm, desire and power. Is also powerful for healing, and spiritual development. Some attempt to use it for power over others.


Red: Represents physical pleasures. It can stimulate lust, courage, or strength against enemies. Can confer passion, love, and/or respect. Stimulates energy, health, fertility and will power. Draws Aries and Scorpio energy. Increases magnetism in rituals. Infers sex, vibrancy, and survival.

Rose: Rose is great for treating heart ailments, anxiety, depression. Good for people who suffer from nightmares. This graceful color increases admiration, love, friendship, fidelity, and calmness. Can also arouse emotions. It stimulates compassion for self and others, higher mystical powers and humor.

Silver: Encourages stability; helps develop psychic abilities; attracts the influence of the Mother Goddess. Also used to stimulate mental telepathy, clairvoyance, and intuition. Can be used for cancellations and neutrality. Stimulates psychometry, dreams, female power, and astral energies/projection.

Turquoise: Is a color that can be used for healing, prosperity, peace, growth, awareness, meditation, creativity, neutrality and cancellation. Often used to represent the Goddess.

Violet: Strength, Success, Idealism, psychic revelation; Ideal for rituals which are designed to secure Ambition, Independence and financial success or to establish contact with the other, spiritual world; Enhances Neptune energy.

White: This has the highest consciousness to protect, purify, and heal. It represents truth, unity, protection, peace, purification, happiness, and spirituality. Some say it can be used to replace any color candle in rituals. Used for concentration rituals and meditation work. Lunar energy.

Yellow: Represents attraction, charm, confidence, and persuasion. Used to stimulate mental clarity, knowledge, and concentration. Also used in healing. Like gold, it can serve for magic and rituals involving solar energies and deities associated with the sun. Stimulates logic, aids in overcoming mental blocks and promoting the self.

The burning of candles for spiritual works goes back to ancient times. Many spiritual workers believe that the flame of the candle pierces the veil between the physical and the Spiritual world and creates a passageway that allows the prayers and petitions to be more readily received by those from whom help is being sought out.

How to Read a Candle Flame

You can find important messages in the flame. Here are some tips for reading the flames of glass-encased candles.

1. The candle is burning evenly and steadily

This is usually a very good sign. An indication that the spell or blessing will probably work out and that you will likely get your wish. If you are burning a candle inside a glass, look at the glass. Is the glass clean with little or no trace of the wax? GOOD! You have most likely cast a successful spell.

2. Candle hisses or makes sizzling noises

Listen! This may be a spirit, angel or some otherworldly being trying to communicate. Clear your mind so you can receive the message.

3. Candle flame sparks

Don’t want to worry you but this is interpreted as some disillusion with what you are asking.

4. The candle flame is unsteady, dipping, rising and flaring constantly

If you are sure that your candle is not sitting by a draft, then this may be a sign that your spell is being met with some resistance by the person to whom it was intended. This person may be unconsciously aware of your actions and maybe resisting the spell.


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