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Cleansing Your Space


Just so everyone understands, this is not the only way to do this. This is the way I chose to do this and if it works out for you, great. If not, there are other methods. Clean your home. No, No, I am serious. It takes away negativity. I have been told this a few times. Also, if your broom is old, buy a new one. They mostly say that using an old broom can be bad luck. Not to mention, make sure the hairs on the new broom are facing up because it is good luck. My mom has always told me this. Chimes and Bells are a great way to get rid of bad spirits. I have one outside in front of my house. I have another one in the backyard. Chimes are good alarm systems for spirits. Some people hang them by their doors too to let them know if a spirit or person (depending if they slam the door) has stopped by. I have a chime on my fan, so it is constantly ringing and swinging. If it rings suddenly then you know someone has stopped by. Candles, Incenses, & Burning Herbs are a great way to get rid of negativity. I have candles on a lot of the time. I used to use incenses, I even bought a box for them, but now I don’t due to the sensitive of the smoke. If you know someone in your house is sensitive , please don’t make them go through it. Stones and Crystals are a great way of getting rid of negativity. I have made a guide based on stone properties. I will link the post right here so you can take a look at it. Praying and Chanting is very powerful. Faith is a very powerful thing and if you believe in it, it can help you. Faith is your strength, it cannot hurt you if you wish to use it. Water is a simple way of cleansing an area in your house. It is so simple, I heard you just wet your finger tips and flick it around your room. I heard you can place the water in a spray bottle ad simply spray the room if that works out for you too. The Evil eye is a good way to get rid of evil. This only works if someone is actually giving you a glare. It’s suppose to protect you. I have a few bracelets with the evil eyes. It actually makes me feel really comfortable wearing them. They come in all different colors and materials. Find one that works for you. The Hamsa can be traced back all the way to the times of Mesopotamia. This hand has been around for so long and has touched many religions.This is a symbol of protection and is a great defense against the evil eye as well. Literally, this hand is suppose to ward off evil. I have a necklace with this hand as well and you know when I wear it, it helps. Sprays and Oils can have many different ingredients for cleansing. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “You’ve already mentioned water,what else could there be?” Well truth is, you can buy liquid smudge sprays and oils. This is recommended for those of you who do not like smoke. I have a spray that has white sage in it and you know it works great for me. I have not used the oils yet, but I heard they are good to use as well. BASIC CLEANSING PT. 2 Seasalt can be combined with water and be used for cleansing. If my past post, I mentioned that you guys can put it in a spray bottle, you can mix it within the water. You can spray anything, walls, doors, tables. You guys can even spray yourselves if you want to rid any negativity you feel like depression or anger. Instead of spraying yourself, maybe a bath in sea salt would be more efficient. Singing Bowls is another sound cleanser. I don’t know if you guys have seen them, let alone hear them. They have a beautiful sound and I never realized that they could be used for cleansing as well. I always thought that they could only be used for meditation, but I was wrong and that’s why they are added to the list. If you want to remove negative energies you move the stick counterclockwise. This goes for rooms as well, move counterclockwise. Sunlight brings in positive energy. It opens up your house and always this light to flow in. So please open your windows, your doors and let the sun in. Palo Santo means “holy wood”. Itis a little piece of wood that has been blessed. It can be used for cleansing and getting rid of evil spirits. Smoke Cleansing is one of the most known ways to cleanse your home or space. It can take away negative energies and bring in positive ones. It also helps with those who may be feeling depressed or angry. There is also Cedar, Sweetgrass, and lots more. I don’t say smudging, because I am trying to be respectful to Native American cultures. Holy Water is one of the easiest things to obtain. Just go to a priest and they should be able to give you some. You can simply put it on your walls, doors, and windows too. Belief determines how much of this will work. Visualization is the most easiest way of protecting yourself. Visualize a white ball forming in the middle of your chest. Once you see that ball there, imagine it growing bigger and brighter. Once it has fully covered you from head to toe, you can ask for protection. You can ask guides, angels, deities, whoever protects you. You can also cast this protective white ball to others who you care about.

Let me know if any of these techniques works for you.



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