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The ability to be creative is more important than you might think. It's not only artists and writers who rely heavily on their creativity. We all must be able to tap into our creativity every day in order to solve dilemmas. You need to be a bit creative just to get yourself home after work if there's road construction or an accident. Then, what are you going to make for dinner? How are you going to deal with that leaky faucet or wobbly table until you can have them fixed? You must be able to be at least a little bit creative. There are crystals that will enhance your ability to be as creative as you need to be. They are just waiting for you to put them to work.


Yes, that's right. There is a chakra for that and you need to keep that chakra clear and working properly to enhance your creativity. The creativity chakra is the sacral or navel chakra. It is located a couple inches below your navel. Most sacral chakra crystals are orange, but not all of them. For example:

  • Citrine is a yellow-golden crystal that works wonders with the sacral chakra. It also activates the solar plexus chakra, which is located a few inches above the navel, the Third Eye and the crown chakra.

  • Clear quartz will activate and clear all of your chakras, including your creativity chakra. Use it alone or in combination with another gemstone to boost its performance.

  • Tiger eye is a lovely golden to brown crystal that will take care of the sacral chakra as well as the solar plexus and root chakras. Having all of these chakras functioning properly will boost creativity, motivation and confidence.

Do a crystal meditation at least two to three times a week to keep your chakras working properly. You can do it every day, if you like. Keep one of these natural gemstones for creativity near your mid-section all day by wearing bracelets adorned with them. You can also keep a figurine on your desk to glean the benefits during the day or put a tumble or worry stone in your pocket.


There are other natural gemstones for creativity enhancement. Although they clear and activate various chakras, they enhance creativity in other ways. A few examples are:

  • Amethyst has the reputation of being the creativity crystal. It is a lovely crystal that comes in shades of purple, violet or blue. It activates and clears the Third Eye and crown chakras.

  • Lapis lazuli for inner truth, self-awareness, confidence and self-expression. It is a lovely blue crystal that resonates with the Third Eye and throat chakras and will enhance creativity.

  • Malachite is a gorgeous green gemstone that protects against negativity, reduces anxiety and imparts the confidence needed to explore your creativity. It clears and activates the Third Eye, solar plexus and heart chakras.

Wear any type of jewelry adorned with these crystals to boost creativity. Simply having them near you will help. A small bowl of tumble stones, pyramid, obelisk or figurine on your desk or nearby table will also keep your creative juices flowing.

Reference: Unknown Source


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