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Any doctor worth his or her salt will tell you - too much bad stress can kill you! Bad stress is harmful to your body and mind. Crystals with soothing vibrations and those that rid our environment of negative energies will help alleviate the bad stress so you can heal and lead a happier, healthier, longer life. They are inexpensive, easy to purchase and aesthetically pleasing.


People give off negative energy when they are stressed. It can make an office very uncomfortable, even when the stressful situation has nothing to do with you. The person who is angry or upset probably doesn't realize the affect they are having on the whole office. Then the negative vibes you and other people generate as a result this bad energy exacerbate the situation, turning the whole office into a vortex of bad, harmful energy.

Incorporate crystals into your office decor for healing stress relief. Many of them give off calming vibrations and rid the atmosphere of negative energies from you and your co-workers.

  • Set black tourmaline on your desk. You can get black tourmaline that has been carved into shapes, like pyramids, obelisks or even bowls, or you can get a chunk of natural tourmaline. It will work like gang-busters to remove negative energy from the atmosphere while it calms anxiety and anger.

  • Keep an amethyst or rose quartz worry stone or tumble stone with you. When you are feeling particularly stressed, find a quiet place to sit for a few minutes while you rub the stone between your thumb and fingers. You will feel the stress melt away.

  • Wear aquamarine jewelry to work. It is a very calming, soothing crystal that enhances healthy communication. This beautiful gemstone also reduces anger and fear.

These soothing crystals can be kept in your automobile, too. If you have to deal with a stressful commute every day or even once in a while, these calming gemstones will sooth you so you arrive at your destination in a much better mood.


Place crystals around your home so you have a calm, relaxing, inviting space to go to for healing stress relief.

  • Place green aventurine around your home. Its soothing vibrations support emotional healing, balance and harmony while reducing aggravation, anger and nervousness. You can put a handful of tumble stones in a bowl or get a piece of carved green aventurine.

  • Include some rose quartz in your home décor. It is lovely and soothing, imparting a sense of harmony and love to comfort you and relieve your stress. It is available in carved forms or you can put rose quartz tumble stones in a decorative bowl.

  • Keep aquamarine tumble stones or a figurine in your home for soothing stress relief and renewed energy. It helps you let go of the stress to move through the rest of your day with a bit of pep in your step.


Meditate with soothing crystals for healing stress relief. Even a quick 5- or 10-minute session at your desk at work, in your car (not while driving) or while sitting on a bench in the park will reduce stress and leave you feeling rejuvenated. A quick crystal meditation when you get home will help you recover from a stressful work day. Amethyst, aquamarine, green aventurine, rose or smoky quartz or moonstone are some of the wonderfully calming gemstones that are excellent for stress relief.


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