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Do you have one of these 6 gifts

I was in denial about my gifts…

When I began developing psychically, I started out by learning from clairvoyant psychics (a clairvoyant is someone with the ability to ‘see’ Spirit or energy). I believed that in order to be psychic, I had to be clairvoyant like them. I didn’t know about any of the other gifts that I could develop (like clairsentience or claircognizance). I thought my psychic insights had to come in the form of visions and other spooky happenings.

This was quite ironic because I was actually very scared of ‘seeing’ things. Yet I was convinced that this was important to my psychic development, so I forced myself to open up my third eye (the center of clairvoyance). Later on I got scared and I shut it down again, so my psychic insights were inconsistent. Plus, the clairvoyant insights were not very forthcoming at all. It was hard. I wondered if I was psychic, after all.

Sometime later, I dropped the obsession with my clairvoyance and opened up to the concept that psychic ability is a wide array of different gifts. I started exploring all these other gifts. And after all my self–doubts, I learned I was psychic after all, but just not in the way I thought.

The Lesson in This:

Your intuition will be difficult and slow to develop if you try to develop a gift that you don't have, and neglect the gifts you DO naturally have.

So you need to know what your natural gifts are.

Do you?

Below I have provided a helpful quiz that you can use to help you to find out what gifts you have. I recommend doing this quiz even if you think you might know where your strengths lie.

In this quiz, there are several statements for each category. Please make a note of each time you agree with one of the statements.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!


Clairvoyance is the ability to 'see' Spirit

Do you dream in color and with vivid images? When you're doing creative work, like designing something and deciding how you want something to look, do you get a clear image in your head of it? When you close your eyes, can you clearly see any object of your choosing? For example, visualize a bicycle. Can you see it in your mind's eye? (Natural clairvoyants usually have an easy time than most at visualizing).Do you get visual solutions to problems in your mind's eye? Are you very visually/artistically creative? Do you ever see lights or auras around people when you're speaking to them? Do you ever see things moving in the corner of your eye?

(Make a note of how many you agreed with above!)


Clairaudience is the ability to hear your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and other extra-sensory input

Have you ever had a voice clearly direct you to do something and it turned out to be helpful or accurate? Have you ever heard intermittent ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears? Do you hear voices upon waking or going to sleep? Do you sometimes hear music playing in your head? Do you wake up in the morning with a song in your head? Have you ever heard anything outside of you, such as whispering, music or voices when there was no-one there? Do you get words popping into your head fully formed which are relevant or solutions to difficulties you're having?


Clairsentience is intuition in the form of emotional input, physical feelings or gut feelings

Do you get tingling sensations on your body for no reason? Do you feel your emotions very deeply? Can you feel the emotions of others? Do you need a lot of time alone to recharge your energetic batteries? Are you sensitive and thin-skinned? Do you have an ‘F' in your Myers-Briggs type (F for feeling)? Do you know the right path to take in life, according to how it feels to you?


Claircognizance is when intuitive information just pops into your head

Are you very analytical and thinking-oriented? Can you be skeptical - does your mind often have the final say in things? Do you get lots of great ideas seemingly out of nowhere? Are you mentally and creatively inspired on a regular basis? Are you good at solving problems and lateral thinking? Do you often make subtle assumptions that turn out to be true? Are you often sizing people up and knowing things without being told? Do you know that things are going to happen ahead of time? Do you come across as a know-it-all because you always think of an answer to the difficult questions of life?


Do you know how others are feeling without needing to ask? Can you feel the tension in the air when there’s been an argument? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed that there are so many people on Earth who are suffering, and wish you could do something about it? Do you often feel overwhelmed in social interactions because you are so absorbed in observing others’ feelings and experiences? Do you identify deeply with other peoples’ problems and difficulties? (and this sometimes means you over-identify with other people, and sacrifice your own needs in order to help others)


Do you often remember your dreams? Do you wake up from dreams feeling like you learned or ‘realized’ something? Have you ever had a dream where a deceased loved one showed up? Have you ever had a lucid dream or an astral projection experience? Are your dreams rich in interesting symbolism?

Now add up how many times you said yes to statements in each category.

What Your Answers Mean…

If you said yes several times to questions in lots of different categories - that means you have several gifts you can develop! You are multi-talented.

If you had a lot of ‘yeses’ in one or two categories but not as many in the others, that means you are more specialized in your gifts and can benefit from narrowing your focus to those, during your development.

What to Do Once You Know Your Gift(s)

Once you actually know where your strengths lie, then you need to DEVELOP and sensitize your strongest gifts. Usually this is done through specially designed exercises.

In addition to sensitizing your gifts, you also need to choose methods of connecting with your guides which ONLY utilize those gifts.

For example, clairvoyants will need to visualize meeting with their guides. Clairaudients will channel using their voice. Claircognizants will need to channel using their mind and using automatic writing. Dreamers will, of course, need to receive information in their dreams ;-)

Source Unknown.

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