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Full Moon in Aries

The Full Moon in Aries on October 9th is the last lunation before Eclipse Season, which is set to unfold in just two weeks’ time. Urgency and impatience to tie up loose ends and get mind, body, and soul ready may be prevalent, and relationships are also likely to take center stage now.

Conjunct the Wounded Healed, Chiron, we are urged to face our triggers, insecurities, and shortcomings with bravery and open-hearted vulnerability. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries has a beautiful innocence about it, a touching naivety. This openness is why Aries believes in the best of everyone, and despite their defensive, warrior-like nature, this sign is often hurt much more easily and quickly than most.

Thus, brash aggression becomes a form of protection against any perceived hurt, criticism, or attack over this Full Moon. Lowering our weapons is key now, so we can let more love in – love for Self and the Other. Because, opposite to La Luna, are the Sun, and Venus, in gracious Libra. It’s all about the balance now – the balance of healthy assertion and gentle compromise. We can’t have it all our way, after all. We are not the center of the Universe. But neither are we the playthings of others, so find the sweet middle ground and hold onto it.

Relationship healing is also likely to be a prevalent theme during this Full Moon, and many relationships may fall away now. Trust that this is part of the healing process. Letting go is never easy, not for anyone, whether you are the one releasing or being released.

Ask yourself now, what is this relationship all about?

What is it here to teach me?

Does it serve my highest growth?

Am I allowing the Other to grow?

Am I growing right now?

Are we helping each other’s most authentic, independent, and courageous expression of Self?

These are tough questions, no doubt, but Chiron has the ability to not only tear open the wound but fix it, too. Through the fires of refinement, we emerge victorious, a true Hero (ine) – which is, of course, the Archetype of Aries. We may even want to engage the services of a therapist, a healer, or a mediator to navigate the fires of this Full Moon.

Trusting our instincts is also likely to be crucial. Aries is known for its honesty, forthrightness, and for cutting to the chase. If we collectively tap into this energy and conduct ourselves with absolute integrity, we can avoid the pitfalls of delusional, sometimes deceptive Neptune. Fortunately, Mars’ trine to Saturn allows us to bring discipline and a playing-by-the-rules attitude, structuring that which seems impossible to structure. The Lord of Karma knows just how to bring wayward Mars into line and with his sextile to the Sun and Venus, there’s certainly the potential to integrate the lessons coming our way

Let me know if this moon has impacted you in any way, and if you're searching for a group or circle to connect with!


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