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Hematite Ring Meaning, Benefits, Uses and Healing Properties

One of the supra-important ores of iron, hematite is a gray, silver, and red colored crystal used for luck and prosperity. A hematite ring is made with a hematite solitaire or multiple hematite stones set in a ring. Wearing a hematite ring has many benefits for men as well as women. From changing your aura color to attracting wisdom and good fortune towards you, hematite rings can do a lot for you. Let’s find out more!

What Is Hematite? Chemically called as ferric oxide or iron oxide, hematite is a crystal seen in red, black, grey or silver colors. It has an identical crystal structure to ilmenite and corundum. The MOHS scale hardness of hematite is 5.5 to 6, hence not safe in the open air. Safe storage of hematite ring is an airtight box or silk pouch. The meaning of a hematite ring is balance. The harmony stone hematite when set in a ring brings many metaphysical attributes into your life. It is a grounding stone that keeps negativity away from you. Hematite is a ring that can prevent evil energies from touching you. Hematite Chakra Powers Root chakra controls the governing energy of hematite rings. When you wear a hematite ring, it connects you to Mother Gaia. Hematite ring chakra is the base chakra that stabilizes your body and mind. Hematite Ring: What Does It Mean If It Breaks This is a unique scenario, but when a Hematite ring is done with its work in your life, it can break into two or more pieces. You should then gift these hematite pieces to people who need them such as your family or friends. When your hematite ring breaks, it can also mean that the negativity it absorbed was too much for the stone. You need a new or different stone to protect you from here on. To prevent this, you must cleanse hematite rings frequently. How to Clean Hematite Ring? In order to remove the negative energy absorbed by hematite, you need to clean it religiously before and after use. The bad mojo and negative vibrations on the stone will be removed once you clean the hematite ring metaphysically. Hover your right hand over the left three times in a clockwise motion. You can also find out about bonus ways to cleanse and recharge your hematite ring. Which Finger to Wear Hematite Ring? The left hand is the best hand to wear your hematite ring. When you do so, your higher chakras will be empowered. The hematite ring on the left hand also gives you intuitions about the future. It becomes a fortune-telling accessory. 5 Ways to Set Intention on Hematite Ring Pick your favorite from the below!

Crystal Grid: helps you set an intention with the help of crystals arranged symmetrically. Tibetan Singing Bowl: helps you cleanse and charge your hematite ring with acoustics. Benefits of Hematite Ring for Men If you’re a man, wearing a hematite ring can attract many goodies into your life. It is a stone for balancing your life. Regardless of what your zodiac sign is, the hematite ring will be good for you if you want to use it for the following uses. · Courage with Hematite Ring Hematite ring is a sign of courage. It instills inspiration and passion by working on your physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. It enhances your blood circulation to make you feel strong. Those who are anemic or suffering from chronic fatigue will find speedy cures with hematite rings. · Success and Winning in Career Men who wear a hematite ring will attract wisdom into their life. Winning opportunities will open up in their career. You will find yourself focused on your career. Your decisions will be strong, just, and ring. Hematite ring enhances your career if you’re a professional and academics if you’re a student. · Calmness Wearing Hematite Ring Do you suffer from a hot temper? Perhaps you find it hard to calm yourself down in stressful situations. Wear a hematite ring and your worries will fly away. It brings you relaxation and calmness by grounding away your negative thoughts. A hematite ring is ideal for positivity and good thoughts. It stops negative self-talk too. Benefits Of Hematite Ring For Women

If you’re a woman, wearing a hematite ring can bring many benefits to you. Already have it? Let us tell you the specific ways to benefit your life by using hematite rings in specific ways advised by experts. Ready to know it all? Let’s find out! · Confidence with Hematite Ring Your self-faith and belief will rise up once you start wearing a hematite ring. It fills you with willpower, confidence, and courage. For a woman, wearing a hematite ring on the dominant hand will attract leadership and authority. · Grounding Stress with Hematite Ring Tired of tiredness? We get you. All you need to do is wear the hematite ring when you go to sleep. You will wake up energized and without fatigue. It has the ability to dissolve tensions, worries, and anxiety for women too. · Hematite Ring for Psychic Protection Trying to shield your spirit from psychic attacks? Perhaps you are cursed or hexed. Don’t worry. Wear the hematite ring over you after cleansing off the bad energies. No more energy vampires will be able to strike you. The hematite ring properties are many, but we have shortlisted five main uses of hematite. Moreover, we have added steps on how to use it so that you can use the hematite rings for healing in your life right away. · Aura Transformation Once you start wearing hematite rings, they will penetrate your aura and make it brighter. How does hematite do so? Hematite repels the negative energies away from touching you or your aura. Before you wear the ring, do the following- Chant aura transformation incantations until you visualize it. · Stress Buster Hematite Ring When you’re burdened with stress, tension, or worry, hematite rings can help you. It is a gemstone ring for removing your negative thoughts. Visualize the stress dissipating away. · Grounding Powers Another little-known power of the hematite ring is how it grounds your pain away. All your negative vibrations will be ejected into the earth. Mother Gaia will take care of you. Close your eyes and take deep breaths for five minutes. · Luck and Good Fortune To attract prosperity towards you, all you need is a hematite ring. It can remove challenges and obstacles from your path or ensure your winning over them. Good luck comes into your life when you wear hematite rings on your left hand. · Repel Jinxes, Evil Eye, Curses Ever wondered about hematite? What does it do? It can repel the negative energy or attacks coming from energy vampires. No evil eye or curse will touch you when you wear the hematite ring. Keep your hematite ring on the root chakra. Do it after you wake up. Conclusion Hematite ring uses and powers are unlimited once you’ve bonded with the gemstone ring. It lights your path to destiny and keeps you protected with the help of Mother Gaia. Resource:


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