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Meaning of the Elephant

Every time you ask the universe for a sign, you find elephants catching your eye just when you need to see them! Elephants are

Symbolism of Elephant

An immense creature deserves immense meaning, which the elephant lives up to. Symbolizing loyalty and family, this gentle but towering animal is a known nurturer, sticking together with its herd while also embodying leadership qualities like reliability, strength, honor and stability.

Elephants in Hindu culture

Elephants, are highly revered in Hinduism, believing to contain souls with ancient wisdom, ready to evolve to the next level. Being highly respected, they also serve as a symbol for royalty, power, intelligence, abundance and even fertility.

Elephants in Chinese culture

Similar to Hindu culture, elephants are held to a high standard in Chinese culture, and are said to attract wealth and good luck.

Elephant Placement Meanings

By the front door: Placing a pair of elephants at the entrance of your home brings strength, protection, abundance and blessings to all those that inhabit the space. An upwards face trunk invites and encourages in victory, prosperity and good luck. A downward facing trunk represents conception and longevity.

In the Bedroom: Placing a single or pair of elephants in the bedroom promotes faithfulness and love between both partners. For those who have children or desire to have children, placing elephants near your bed or by the entrance of your bedroom increase chances of conception. A statue of 7 elephants, or 7 individual elephants, invites fertility into the user's life, for hopeful child bearing, white elephants also symbolize future conception, as it is said Buddha's mother dreamt of a white elephant and was later pregnant after the vision.

In your child's room: An elephant in your child's room, their study room, or wherever they do homework, invites in academic success and a desire for knowledge!

Reference: Unknown Source


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