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Moon Phase Magic (What each Phase means)

New Moon A time for: New ventures New beginnings Love and romance Health Job hunting Fresh starts New projects Personal Growth

Waxing Moon A time for: Constructive Magick Love Wealth Success Courage Friendship Luck Health/Healing Growth Protection Prosperity Attraction Any type of positive magick Financial Growth

Full Moon A time for: All magick (Enhances all types of magick) Love Knowledge Legal undertakings Money Dreams Protection Fixing any situations that need it Divination Cleansing and charging crystals and tools Psychic awareness Family and Friends

Waning Moon A time for: Banishing magick Bindings Removing addictions Clearing negativity from your life Getting rid of illnesses and sicknesses Harvests Exorcism Cleansing Getting rid of bad habits

Dark Moon - Black Moon Some practitioners believe this is a time to take a break from casting, others believe this is a powerful time to cast spells. A time for: Removal of bad habits Binding spells Bringing things to justice Banishing Dreaming/Prophecies

Crescent Moon A time for: Intention Hopes Wishes

First Quarter A time for: Challenges Decisions Taking action

Gibbous Moon A time for: Adjustments Refinements May the Moon light your path!

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