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🌙✨ MOON SIGNS. the breakdown.


element: fire (intense, open, friendly, powerful)

modality: cardinal (self-starting, initiator, leader)

key words: strength, drive, determination, inventive, innovative, bold, reactive

struggles: concealing emotions (specifically anger, upset), mood swings, mood easily affected by small things, can’t take criticism even when constructive/kind, innate power struggles, tendency to overwork, issues with reacting before thinking, anger issues

emotional aspects: feels all emotions at a max level - nothing is felt “normally” and all emotions are very intense, emotions tend to be very fleeting and don’t last for long, refuses to ask for help when in dire emotional need, feels a need to constantly be the “happy/strong friend” which can lead to emotional repression, very reactive and has a habit of acting before thinking

recommended emotional outlets: physical activity (boxing would probably do y’all some good), channeling energy into work/projects, writing things down before actually doing them/letting all your feelings out into some sort of safe platform

strengths: self-starting and motivated, high energy levels (usually), very funny, always honest with people/people view them as very real, the person that motivates others to get things done, tends to speak up for the underdog when other’s won’t, often not afraid to say what needs to be said, unmatchable passion


element: earth (warm, stable, hard-working, thoughtful)

modality: fixed (stubborn, persistent, passionate)

key words: luxury, beauty, art, creativity, persistence, stubbornness, goal-driven

struggles: self-worth, body image/self image in general, understanding other’s point of views, developing god complex, too independent, opening up to others, emotional repression

emotional aspects: represses feelings, does not open up easily, tendency to shame self for feeling things, slow to anger but the anger is permanent/tendency to hold grudges, emotions generally last a while and are not fleeting, a very romantic heart with an unwavering loyalty to friends and loved ones

recommended emotional outlets: partaking in some form of art, (healthily & carefully) treating self to material items, re-doing/re-arranging your home, changing your wardrobe/aesthetic

strengths: high levels of creativity, natural appreciation and good eye for art + aesthetics + beauty, stable and warm personality that makes many people feel comfortable within seconds of interacting with them, persistent in their goals, hard-working and committed


element: air (open, social, friendly, intelligent, logical)

modality: mutable (constantly changing, chameleon-like, open-minded)

key words: change, intellect, restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, communication, learning, sarcasm

struggles: understanding the big picture, memory (tends to only remember off-handed comments, random details/facts, etc), anxiety, insomnia, indecisiveness, commitment, mood swings, pessimism

emotional aspects: intellectualizes emotions, represses feelings, turns negative feelings towards humour/memes, discomfort around upset people/can’t handle emotional people, seeks rational and logic in everything

recommended emotional outlets: writing, public speaking/communication, niche hobbies/unusual hobbies, using a journal or even a private vent social media

strengths: communication, natural wit, learning-abilities/intellect, sarcasm, good sense of humour, easily likable/relatable, fits into a large variety of crowds, innate ability to see all sides of an argument/situation, fair and open-minded


element: water (emotional, intuitive, sensitive, warm)

modality: cardinal (self-starting, initiator, leader)

key words: sensitivity, moodiness, initiative, drive, nurture

struggles: moon is at it’s highest potential here - a double edged sword that can result in an overwhelming amount of emotions at all times, extreme sensitivity to other’s moods, frequent mood swings, cannot accept criticism, absorbs other people’s emotions, overindulges in bouts of nostalgia and struggles to let go of people/places/things, over-attachment to the home and possibly the mother

emotional aspects: tends to feel anything and everything all at once, emotions are like waves that drown them, frequently absorbs other people’s moods and emotions and can fall victim to psychic vampires easily, love harder than anyone else; often balls of loving sunshine

recommended emotional outlets: writing (specifically fiction/poetry/similar), meditation, listening to music/writing music

strengths: innate understanding of people’s feelings, amazing at wording things relating to their feelings and emotions, (depending on other placements) good with emotional expression and comfort, an ability to romanticize nearly anything (can also be a bad thing at some points though)


element: fire (intense, open, friendly, powerful)

modality: fixed (stubborn, persistent, passionate)

key words: passion, creativity, romance, drive, commitment, leadership, energy

struggles: developing god complex, hiding emotions, overreacting/being overdramatic, angering too quickly, extreme sensitivities (especially to criticism), self-confidence issues hidden behind an overconfident sometimes pushy attitude, tendency to overwork

emotional aspects: quick to react; slow to forget (in comparison to other fire signs, not so much in comparison to a taurus or scorpio moon), easily upset and very sensitive, emotions are felt at the highest level at all times and tend to last for a lot longer than the other fire moons’ intense emotions, try to always be very bright people and feel a need to keep the mood up wherever they go/tend to take on a lot of emotional burden

recommended emotional outlets: creating art (especially art to be shared/admired by others), writing/telling stories

strengths: natural born leader, can make any person feel welcome and comfortable around them, naturally lovable, great storytellers, extremely creative, driven and committed, hard-working


element: earth (warm, stable, hard-working, thoughtful)

modality: mutable (constantly changing, chameleon-like, open-minded)

key words: flexibility, critical, communication, health, work, anxiety, caregiver

struggles: letting emotions flow / just feeling things without questioning their validity and reasoning, being overly critical of both themselves and others, falling for people who need to be fixed but who treat them badly in return, giving too many second chances, has a hard time in standing up for themselves, has a tendency to be a bit too blunt and critical towards others, tends to worry too much about their own and other’s health, often struggles with nervousness and anxiety

emotional aspects: they want to talk out their emotions but they don’t want to feel them or have others view them as weak, they constantly help others / fix others but won’t ever ask for the help they need in return, a tendency to analyze and/or repress their emotions over just feeling them, ‘conceal don’t feel’ is an earth moon motto but esp virgo moons

recommended emotional outlets: writing (!!), turning to bright/uplifting people and letting them help you/cheer you up instead of the reverse for once, staying at home and just watching an entire tv series instead of working for once

strengths: helping others work through their problems and emotions, making others feel loved and comforted, being there for people during their worst times and never making people feel like it’s a bore/job, directing/leading in work, communicating honestly and straightforwardly


element: air (open, social, friendly, intelligent, logical)

modality: cardinal (self-starting, initiator, leader)

key words: fairness, justice, romanticism, love, beauty, aesthetics, art, judgment, indecision

struggles: indecisiveness is the worst among any moon sign (maybe tied with gemini), frequent issues of giving people too many second chances, has a tendency to let people get away with emotionally draining them / treating them wrongly, tries to help others and nurture others more than they can handle, can become very fake / detached from their own opinions sometimes as they try too hard to consider all sides, can get too caught up in the beauty/aesthetics of things and people and result in an unfortunate shallowness, a dependency on romance/love and validation from others

emotional aspects: much like the other air signs libra moons want to intellectualize and rationalize all their emotions rather than feel them; however they do not do this as well as the other air moons and tend to frequently get overwhelmed by emotions, tend to be empaths who absorb other’s moods and emotions which can easily bring them down, very easily moved and emotional especially by beautiful and sentimental things, frequent frustration over their own sensitivity and emotional nature

recommended emotional outlets: anything emotional yet beautiful such as poetry, something aesthetic based like painting or drawing, retail therapy is a good outlet for libra moons ; especially if it involves changing their hair/fashion/etc (aesthetic based changes tend to uplift this beauty-appreciating sign)

strengths: amazing ability to see all sides in a situation, the best mediators, always able to calm people down, makes people feel loved welcomed and included even upon first meeting, people immediately feel comfortable around libra moons and trust them very easily, very likable and usually have a very strange but liked sense of humour (lots of puns), usually a very great sense of style and a natural ability towards arts


element: water (emotional, intuitive, sensitive, warm)

modality: fixed (stubborn, persistent, passionate)

key words: depth, overthinking, intimacy, sensitivity, intuition

struggles: objective thinking, taking criticism, opening up to others, trusting others and letting people fully into their lives, overthinking and taking everything personally, holding grudges and feeling a constant need for revenge, struggles with jealousy, can have god complex/big ego and be very stubborn

emotional aspects: being a water moon their emotions are constantly something they’re drowning in, tendency to feel everything including other’s emotions which leads to them being the target of psychic vampires (very common with water moons), they’re extremely emotional but similar to earth moons they actually struggle to express it despite being a water sign - scorpio moons are critical of their own emotions and are worried revealing their problems will make them weak (so they tend to bottle), tend to be prone to depressive episodes / upset spells

recommended emotional outlets: POETRY (im begging all of you scorpio moons to just write poetry you would be so good at it you just don’t realize it), getting involved in music (be it just listening or actually writing/making music), just writing in general- get your emotions out for once and stop bottling/feeling guilty for speaking your emotional mind

strengths: unwavering loyalty for others, the ability to follow things through and get things done, amazing levels of creativity, tend to be amazing at sensing out people and knowing if someone is a good or bad person even upon first meeting them, extremely passionate about the things and people they care for, very driven and hard-working people (scorpio work ethic is really underrated), a wonderfully investigative mindset - would be amazing working as something like a detective/lawyer/psychologist/etc


element: fire (intense, open, friendly, powerful)

modality: mutable (constantly changing, chameleon-like, open-minded)

key words: philosophy, open-mindedness, change, travel, freedom, communication

struggles: tend to forgive & forget very easily and way more than they should which results in heartbreak and being taken advantage of, sometimes a bit too blunt/honest for their own good, not the best at paying attention to the little things/tiny details, extremely flaky at times, tendency to ghost people / ignore others, can develop really awful god complexes, issues with commitment especially in career/school, impulsiveness

emotional aspects: as a fire moon; emotions are always amplified and nothing is felt at a basic level - they’re either very happy or very sad or very angry, emotions are intense and tend to change frequently, sag moons have probably some of the worst mood swings of all the moon placements due to the mixture of both fire and mutable nature, emotions easily affected by their environment and the moods of those around them, they prefer to come off/be very easygoing and nonchalant but they tend to get overwhelmed by feelings easily which in turn frustrates them (they also tend to ghost, isolate, escape to somewhere new, etc when overwhelmed - escapism is a big coping method for sag moons)

recommended emotional outlets: t r a v e l (even just getting out of the house to go on a walk in nature is a good outlet for a sag moon), exercise & exploration are good outlets for fire moons, studying something new (especially languages, philosophy, etc), writing but on a bigger platform where you can reach others

strengths: always the funniest people in a room, very witty and quality sarcasm for days, very honest and blunt, can be very energetic, often good at (even if faking it) being super enthusiastic/bright/uplifting, open-minded and easy at adapting to change and new situations, amazing ability to see the bigger picture of things/life in general, can be very optimistic and has a natural ability to cheer others up


element: earth (warm, stable, hard-working, thoughtful)

modality: cardinal (self-starting, initiator, leader)

key words: repression, hard work, initiation, leading, stability, balance

struggles: handling emotions in general, expressing feelings thoughts and emotions to others and even accepting their own feelings to themselves, trusting others, letting others in, tendency to overwork themselves and take on more than they can handle, refuses to ask for help even when they really need it

emotional aspects: a tendency to repress emotions and shame themselves for feeling things, tends to try to always be the “strong one” and criticizes themselves for having emotions and being upset by things, emotions are a backburner thought to capricorn moons - they hate that they feel things and view themselves as very weak when they get upset/depressed/hurt/etc, they constantly want to find logic and reason behind their emotions and struggle to accept that sometimes you just feel things without much reason, very hard on themselves and want to always be strong for others, deep down they want to be very bubbly and optimistic but they feel like they aren’t allowed to be that way/weren’t meant to be

recommended emotional outlets: stop working for once and take a break focusing on your hobbies/creative interests, do something that connects you with nature (going for a walk/hike, etc) as it’s a natural comfort for earth moons, just watch an entire tv show or something okay relax for once pls

strengths: the hardest workers; the most driven people you will ever meet, usually the parent friend who always cares for and helps others when they need it; humanitarian without needing to be, always hypes up and supports their friends dreams/goals, natural born leader and initiator, very good at starting up and creating things, a very warm person who makes people around them feel very comfortable and safe when developed, usually very stable balanced people


element: air (open, social, friendly, intelligent, logical)

modality: fixed (stubborn, persistent, passionate)

key words: intellect, humanitarianism, logic, music, art, isolation, repression, overthinking/overanalyzing

struggles: accepting and feeling their own emotions, expressing emotions (in words - they’re good at expressing emotions through their works such as art pieces), wording things properly (they tend to struggle with communicating things “correctly” aka they tend to misspeak and say things how they didn’t intend them to come off as), dealing with change, god complexes, tendency to overthink and overanalyze everything (even things that don’t need to be analyzed), can have issues with truly connecting to people (they don’t trust easily/they doubt everyone and the things people say ; it’s just generally very hard for them to form deeper emotional connections)

emotional aspects: all emotions are critically analyzed and thought through a billion times, if they cannot make rational sense of an emotion it is usually repressed; shamed and/or ignored, tends to beat themselves up for feeling things and not always being “strong”, they don’t understand their own emotions and really struggle to accept them as is, usually bottle things up and don’t (seriously, they might post depressing memes tho) express how they feel until they hit a point where they just have a giant breakdown, tend to be very prone to depressive episodes, extremely hard on themselves emotionally, tendency to isolate when emotional

recommended emotional outlets: making music/listening to music, creating art of literally any form, focusing on something to distract yourself from your frequent overthinking (movies/shows are especially great)

strengths: tend to be naturally inclined artistically and musically, creativity for days, able to view situations and frustrations with rational logic rather than just viewing everything through an emotionally biased lens, gives the best advice, very strong drive and determination (especially in work/hobbies), naturally very humanitarian and quick to help others/be there for people even though they don’t always have the emotional capacity for such, way with words and very good at making friends/being social/the life of the party (even though they tend to actually be very introverted/prefer isolation)


element: water (emotional, intuitive, sensitive, warm)

modality: mutable (constantly changing, chameleon-like, open-minded)

key words: emotions, intuition, change, warmth, omniscience

struggles: tend to always be only “half there” when around people (always daydreaming/stuck in their mind), tendency to be very flaky and cancel plans/ghost people/etc often, can romanticize things too much (again that constant daydreaming) and too frequently give benefit of the doubt, issues with committing to things (especially the area of life relating to the house their moon is located in), probably the most frequent victims of psychic vampires (people that use you/drain you emotionally), gives too many second chances because they have a very softhearted and forgiving personality, when undeveloped - huge victim complexes

emotional aspects: someone who absorbs the emotions of everyone and everything (if a room has a certain “feel”, they will start pulling in that emotion - they literally feel *everything*), constantly overwhelmed with emotion, feelings can be very fleeting for them but heavy nonetheless, require a lot of alone time to process emotions and recover from the weight of holding everyone else’s emotions for them, because they absorb AND reflect other’s emotions so frequently they often have trouble figuring out what they’re actually feeling and going through

recommended emotional outlets: something relating to the arts or music (listening to music, making music ; making art; drawing/painting/etc), written outlet (reading/writing; especially poetry or fiction novels)

strengths: amazing levels of sensitivity that allows them to pick up on/feel other’s emotions and thoughts before that person even knows how they’re feeling themselves, great intuition with a good ability to sense out bad people from far away, constantly nurturing others and making them feel warm/safe, pisces moons have a very “omniscient” energy in the sense they come off as if they know everything (which in turn makes them very likable, admirable, etc), very adaptable people, high levels of creativity

Let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like your natal chart done and explained!



I’m such a Capricorn ♑️


Aquarius moon is filled with true details. Especially the emotional aspects; “beating themselves up for feeling things and not always being “strong” mmmhhmmm. 👌🏻 however, the strengths placed a smile on my face ❤️