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Orthoceras - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History, And Myths

Along conical shape Orthoceras ‘cephalopod’ is the fossilized remains of an extinct marine animal. Orthocears are the remains of extinct marine animals, therefore, known as the fossil stone and is around 400 million years old. The ancestor to the squid, over 500 to 190 million years ago, they are marked with a date to the lower Ordovician to Triassic ages.

Orthoceras fossils ("straight horn") are common and have a global distribution, a genus of extinct nautiloid cephalopod they occur in any marine rock; in particular, they occur in limestone. These conspicuous ortho core cephalopods ‘Orthoceras’ are persistent enough to form dense limestone key beds. These limestone key beds are known as cephalopod beds, Orthoceras limestones, or nautiloid limestones in the geological history.

These are slender, elongate shells range in length from a few inches to over six feet. Their middle body chamber is transversely constricted, which help them to swim and crawl on the ocean floor. Orthoceras could float by filling the chambers of their shells with air; they receive the thrust by squirting jets of seas water. When the die their shells accumulate on the ocean floor which then covered by sediments and subsequently over the ages transformed into stone.

Straight horn ‘Orthoceras’ is believed to be an excellent healing stone and is exquisite to carry on your body as jewelry. They are lucky for the wearer and prosperous to have in his environment.

Beautiful ortho core nautiloids are yielded in the southern coast of Sweden, The Baltic island of Öland. For centuries, these straight horn stones are used in Orthoceras Jewelry and in various other articles, as these hard limestone fossil inclusions are durable for stairs, gravestones, and floors. Sporadically, the cavities of the fossil shells are colored in a different way which makes it very desirable. Colors are determined when the groundwater minerals seep into the strata during diagenesis. Orthocerus crystals are of black and grey fossil, Brown and Green are the most common colors. They fed upon small animals.

Where is Orthoceras found?

An extinct squid-like creature Orthoceras belongs to the class Cephalopoda are widespread and have a global distribution, they occur in limestone a marine rock basically but also found in different marine rocks too. The fossil shells of orthoses are found and polished in the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert of Morocco. They also occur in The Alps, Scandinavia, and Iowa in the USA.

Healing Properties Orthoceras fossils have a glistening prize like quality when polished; their shells were preserved in the black marble its beauty makes unique display pieces and jewelry. Orthoceras fossils are said to promote pride and success in business.

  • Physical Healing

Orthoceras fossils were among the earliest forms of life and are regarded as one of the most gifted as well as the brightest forms of ocean life. Orthoceras thought to possess physical healing powers and are considered to increase the life span of a wearing individual by reducing toxins, stress, and anxiety. Healers use Orthoceras fossils to enhance telepathy and stimulate the mind. Traditionally, Orthoceras fossils have been used to assist in reducing tiredness, exhaustion, low energy, digestive disorders, unsettled stomach, dyspepsia, and rheumatism. Orthoceras fossils simulate thymus and are related to the root chakra and are said to treat skeletal system disorders particularly hand, feet, and back. They use to treat atrophy.

  • Emotional Healing

As related to root chakra fossils holds the energy of the Earth, it reminds people that the light of day is waiting for you after dark. It is assumed that fossils motivates the individual and help them to reborn when they chose to change and come back from depression. Orthoceras fossils reinforce earth energies as well as support it helps to balance emotions, increase confidence, stimulates the mind and leads to openness and innovation. It feels grounding and helps to gather knowledge, in addition, it also empowers accomplishments.

  • Spiritual Healing

Orthoceras fossils an excellent healing stone spiritually heals the past life setbacks of an individual by helping him to access it and in overcoming fears engendered in the past. Fossils are believed to infuse confidence in the wearer and assists in business success. Orthoceras lifts the depressed people out and makes them emotionally stable. Orthoceras fossils are reflected fire ups the feeling of “Follow your Happiness”, and delivers the lesson to prove “Yourself” which promotes pride feeling and success in business.

  • Chakra Healing

Orthoceras fossils are basically meant to enlighten the Root Chakra or Base Chakra, inspiring the individual to strive for quality and excellent life. They stimulate life-force energy in the body and make one’s ability and desires strong. Base Chakra keeps the physical body in equilibrium, the physical body and enhances the spiritual energy.

Orthoceras Facts Orthoceras fossils facts:

  • An ancient mollusc is known as Orthoceras that lived more than 400 million years ago.

  • Orthoceras along with related orthodontic nautiloid cephalopods are often perplexed with the apparently the same Baculites and related Cretaceous orthodontic ammonoids.

  • In the beginning, Orthoceras allude to all straight-shell nautiloids, called an "ortho core". But later on research on their internal structures, cameral deposits, the siphuncle, and many others, showed that these in point of fact belong to a number of groups, even of different orders.

  • Nautiloidea the subclass of ortho ceras narrows the field. Chambered Nautilus is the only living member and the extinct members of this subclass are the ammonites.

  • Fossils are believed to increase the life span of the wearing individual and make him confident.

  • Orthoceratidae is the family name given though some sources that first used to call the family name Michelinoceratidae but later disagreed with the time period. Later the name is given according to the geographic location in which they are found or comes from.

Metaphysical Properties Reduces anxiety prompts business success by infusing confidence in the individual. Aids in overcoming fears and help to access past life information. Reduces stress and balances the emotions by balancing root chakra. Helps people to lift them up and suffuse zeal who have been depressed

Orthoceras Color Colors are determined when the groundwater minerals seep into the strata during diagenesis. Orthocerus crystals are of black and gray fossil, Brown and Green are the most common colors. It is a smoky quartz with Fresh Water Pearl color.

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