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Your sacral chakra can be a real wet blanket when it is not clear and functioning properly. The negative effects of an out-of-whack sacral chakra will stifle you physically and spiritually. Clear this chakra and get it working properly with sacral healing crystals. You will be amazed at the renewed pep in your step.


The sacral chakra is also referred to as the navel chakra. It is the 2nd chakra and can be found about 2 to 3 inches below the navel. This chakra controls your Life Force. When it is clogged with positive ions, communication between your physical body and your mind is disrupted. You will feel unbalanced as this chakra controls your center of gravity. You will become overly dependent on others due to a perpetual feeling of confusion. Your feelings will be repressed and you will find yourself unable to feel true happiness. You will begin to be uncomfortable with your sexuality and may even develop a fear of sex and sensuality. Frustration and a general sense of bitterness toward others will usurp your demeanor.


There are healing crystals that clear positive ions from the sacral chakra so it can begin to absorb negative ions. This is what the 2nd chakra must be able to do efficiently in order to keep you energized physically, emotionally and spiritually. As this chakra heals, you will begin to notice that you are feeling truly happy again. You will feel energized, creative and sensual again. There are several ways you can use sacral chakra healing crystals.

  • Meditate with crystals that clear and heal the sacral chakra. Simply place the crystal on your belly 2 to 3 inches below the navel. You will feel the chakra “awaken” right away. Just meditate quietly for 10 to 15 minutes and let the crystal do its thing.

  • Wear sacral gemstone bracelets and rings during the day. This will keep the healing crystals near your belly.

  • Take a crystal elixir made with sacral crystals.


The sacral chakra is the orange chakra. Orange crystals will activate and help heal this chakra. Choose one or a few of these gemstones to wear and use while you meditate.

  • Orange carnelian is a wonderful sacral healing crystal. It will clear and heal this chakra, bolster your intuition, give you more accurate "gut feelings" and energize you. A bracelet made with orange and red carnelian stones will activate your sacral and root chakras.

  • Golden and yellow citrine is a lovely crystal that heals the sacral chakra. It will help you become more decisive, creative and energetic. This crystal also heals the solar plexus chakra.

  • Golden brown tiger's eye is an excellent healing crystal for the sacral chakra. It will energize you, rev up your sex drive, balance you emotionally, physically and spiritually and help you feel more flexible. Tiger's eye is also a wonderful gemstone for the root and solar plexus chakras.

  • Spessartine garnet is an orange type of garnet that is wonderful for the sacral chakra. It will bring your sexuality, creativity and artistic talents alive with a vengeance. Do not use too much of this lovely orange crystal as it can be a bit overwhelming. One or two small spessartine gemstones in a bracelet or ring or a small tumble stone or worry stone for meditation should do the trick.

Don't be alarmed if you begin to see splotches of orange or golden-yellow after you start using sacral chakra healing crystals. Deepak Chopra says this is a normal occurrence when your chakras are healing and you should not let it concern or distract you while meditating.

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Reference: Unknown Source


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