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Spring Equinox Is Here 2020

Spring is finally upon us!

The word equinox comes from Latin and means “equality of night and day.” So, the equinox occurs at two specific moments in time when the sun is exactly above the equator (contrary to popular belief, the equinox doesn’t last for 24 hours).

This past winter was very forgiving compared to the winters we've had in the past.

Remember, even if you’re a busy bee, you can do simple things to celebrate today:

Talk to your plants. Put a favorite little crystal or tumbling stone next to their roots! This will help ensure they get a little mineral Love as well🌷

• Take deep breaths while you’re outside. Even if it’s just while walking to your car for work - Visualize the fresh air as the new energy of Spring while you inhale, exhaling the built-up energy from season’s past. This little thing could make a major difference in how your day goes. Trust me!

• Charge your morning tea with a crystal, letting your beverage absorb its radiance and drinking up its energy. 🍵 (If your have Shungite water already then your ahead of the game, good for you!)

• During your meals throughout the day (and try to eat lots of vegetables and fruits), be grateful for your food, that which you have access to from the Earth and its power to grow. If you have time, write a quick love letter to Nature. 🌍

• Celebrate through color! Wear pastel pinks, blues, greens, and creamy whites, these colors carry high vibrations. Keeping you in perky spirits. Let your energy precede you love!!! Embrace what is upon you while it's here.

Enjoy your day!


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