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Thyroid Health Naturally

What is the Thyroid?

The thyroid is an incredible butterfly shaped gland of the body, located just under the Adams Apple. This superhero of a gland basically decides how our energy is going to be spent , which is also more popularly known as metabolism

Which means your thyroid affects your

- Breathing

- Heart rate

- Muscle and bone strength

- Menstrual cycle

- Body temperature

- Cholesterol levels

- Overall mood

Hyperthyroidism - Conventional medicine states that hyperthyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland produces too much of the thyroid hormones, known as T3 and T4. These hormones are made by combining the iodine we consume from food and the amino acid known as tyro sine

A more holistic explanation of Hyperthyroidism is that it stems from the body falling into acidic state, causing the thyroid to go haywire.

Hyperthyroidism is also linked to a sluggish liver. The liver works as our body’s filter, when it is overwhelmed with toxins, it can affect the function of other organs and glands, such as the thyroid. When the liver is stagnated, so is our Qi energy (See “Using Cupping to Heal” section for more information on Qi)

How does the Body become Acidic?

The body becomes acidic from an acidic lifestyle. By consuming acidic foods and acidic water, containing heavy metals and chemicals are 2 common culprits. High stress, lack of sleep and little to no exercise add to the body’s acidic state.

Signs that you may be living with Hyperthyroidism:

Muscle weakness

Mood swings

Nervousness or anxiety

Rapid heartbeat

Heart palpitations

Weight loss or inability to gain weight

Light periods

infrequent periods

Painful periods

Increased bowel movements


Skin dryness


Muscle spasms


Suicidal thoughts


Healing Hyperthyroidism

Conventional Methods:

Conventional medicine “cures” for hyperthyroidism include prescribing patients radioactive iodine therapy, which destroys the thyroid hormones. In other cases, doctors will suggest surgery to remove the gland either partially or in its entirety.

Our Method,

When Judith created RockCollage, she believed that healing looks different for each individual.

So for you, Judith is recommending

Food Journaling

Shungite Water

Yoni Steaming

Cupping therapy

All of these modalities will be explained in this guide so you have a clear, conscious understanding of the benefits, and how each will progress you in your healing journey! If you have any questions just email us back at this email address!

The body is the most advanced science we have, it is a vessel that is capable of healing itself when given the right tools and love! When breaking down words that have been told to us for years and years, we’ve found that disease is just dis- ease within the body. Your body is simply off balance, and that’s OK! Because health or

Health is not only possible, it’s your birthright.

Keep reading for your personalized thyroid healing guide

Using Food as Fuel Not all foods are created the same, and with today’s modified and hybridized food, it’s important to know which foods will supply you with energy vs foods that will rob you of energy

In the section titled “Hyperthyroidism” we noted that the holistic explanation of an overactive thyroid is that there is simply an overly acidic environment in the body. By eliminating acidic foods and introducing more and more alkaline foods into the body, will restore the body’s ph making any dis- ease unable to thrive. Alkaline and Acidic There are two types of foods: Alkaline and acidic In the simplest of terms Alkaline food is: - fresh - Has high mineral content - High water content - Is naturally occurring (not made in a lab or genetically modified) Making Acidic food: - stagnant/ dead - Low or no mineral content - Low water content - Not naturally occurring

See the next page for our chart of Alkaline Vs Acidic foods

How to Implement Food for Healing

This list is simply here to inform you, not to overwhelm you! We know it’s not easy to switch your entire diet overnight, so for right now we suggest Keeping a Food Journal to start your journey.

Food Journaling

We learn to manage our money, know what income is on its way, and what is on its way out to bills. A budget, or a Money Journal, if you will.

If we treat our finances with so much care, why not do the same when it comes to our health?

Food Journaling includes:

logging what you ate, what time it was eaten

How many bowel movements you experience daily/weekly

How many glasses of water you consume

Making notes of how you feel after eating your foods of the day. Do you feel foggy? Energized? Do you notice any physical discomfort upon eating certain foods?

After Journaling for some time, you can begin the process of elimination and incorporation. Taking away what doesn’t work and putting in what does.


Not only can food be acidic, so can water.

It was publicized in November 2018, that New Jersey water was a carrier of a carcinogen, known as PFOA, or perfluorooctanoicc acid, which is known to create thyroid disease within the body, and cause cancer.

Healing With Water

Fortunately there are ways for you to reclaim your health and your water.

The Facts About Shungite

Originates from Lake Onega, Russia, where you are able to drink from straight from the lake with no further filtration because of Shungite

Shungite is made of more than 98% carbon and contains molecules called fullerenes, which is a microscopic, hollow, pure carbon molecule

Fullerenes are an extremely powerful anti - oxidant, which is currently being studied as it is believed it could improve health and nanotechnology as we know it

Shungite rids water of: nitrates, chlorines, bacteria, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, fluorides, radioactive particles, viruses and pathogens.

How does it cleanse water?

Shungite contains a huge amount of hydrogen, allowing it to neutralize any toxins

After neutralizing any toxic threats, the Shungite water is left alkaline

Hyperthyroidism & Shungite

Shungite Water

Placing Shungite in distilled water, and drinking it on a daily basis, will help your body flush out heavy metals and chemicals that have built up in the body for some time now. As the layers of acidity come down, the body can now transition back into being alkaline.

Shungite Soap

Shungite can also be used topically, as it will neutralize bacteria on the surface of the skin as well, Judith, owner, CEO, and lady boss of Rock Collage curated her own Shungite soap line to help those struggling with skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Healing with the Womb

As we stated in the section called “Hyperthyroidism” menstrual cycles are affected by this thyroid imbalance, meaning many women can and do experience :

infrequent periods

over occurring periods

heavy bleeding/ hemorrhaging periods

Painful cramps

Periods with old blood (not seeing red blood)

Yoni Steaming/ Detoxing

Yoni Steaming is an ancient practice used by many cultures, where the patient sits over a steaming pot of herbs, inducing a full body steam, releasing stagnant toxins within the body.

Heals P. M. S

Heals uterine fibroid

Restores vaginal moisture

Heals vaginal scarring

Heals prolapsed uterus's

Heals P. C. O. S

Heals hemorrhoids

Heals hemorrhaging

Promotes balanced emotions

Balances hormones

Helps clear skin

Decreases hot flashes

Regulates periods

Improves circulation

Helps vitamin absorption

We do offer Yoni steaming here, where Judith custom blends each steam, for each individual woman, depending on her ailments.

Using Cupping to Heal

Cupping like, Yoni steaming is an ancient practice, used by many cultures but more popularly known by Asian cultures. Centuries ago, Cupping was first used to heal an array of ailments , from the common cold, to arthritis

Suctions toxins from the body

Boosts fertility

Improves immunity

Can help asthma

Improves digestion

Treats acne, psoriasis, eczema and herpes

Treats facial paralysis

Helps weight loss process

Qi and Cupping

Qi is known as “life force energy” that flows in all of us. Qi can become stagnant or imbalanced through an overflow of toxins in the body (food, alcohol, water), in the physical body, Qi is blood, lymph, phlegm and vital fluids.

Cupping breaks up the accumulation of Qi, drawing out toxins and removing blockages, restoring both physical and emotional circulation

Cupping Types

For beginners, we recommend Dry & Silicone Cupping, dry Cupping is simply when air is suctioned out of the cup and left to let the toxins release into the cup. After this, the Silicone Cupping proceeds, which is also a massage, as it is a moving Cupping/ therapy.

For a more intense session, we recommend Wet Cupping, where small incisions are made on the area of choice, followed by the suctioning process. This type of cupping allows even more toxins to be released from the body.


In short, eliminating and limiting the amount of toxins that you surround yourself with/ingest, will help heal your thyroid, and return your body to its natural balance!



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