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Vaginal Steaming Everything You Need to Know

What is a yoni?

Yoni means sacred place and is the Sanskrit word for vagina. Using the word yoni instead of vagina is a way that women can reclaim our femininity by honoring our sacred place; our vessel to create life and birth joy, abundance, creativity and meaning into our world.

What is a yoni steam?

A yoni steam is the practice of sitting over a steaming pot of water infused with medicinal herbs. Yoni steaming uses the healing power of plants and vital heat to restore balance to our feminine cycles in all life stages. The herb infused steam supports our bodies in the natural release of that which does not serve our optimal health, while connecting us to our inner women. Many different herbs are used to support and heal our feminine cycles and stages of life.

What does a yoni steam feel like?

Imagine a personal sauna for your yoni. Have a seat and receive the relaxing and healing benefits of a facial with medicinal purpose.

What does a yoni steam do?

Yoni steaming supports the healing of feminine balances including:

- Menstrual Pain & PMS - Menopause Symptoms

- Restoring Irregular Menstrual Cycles - P.C.O.S.

(loss of cycle, bleed too much/too little) - Postpartum Healing

- Infertility - Detoxification

- Endometriosis - Trauma Release

- UTI & Yeast Infection - Uterine Prolapse & Irregularity

- Fibroids & Ovarian Cysts - Fortify against Cancer

- Reignite Libido & Sensual Passion - Reproductive Adhesion

- Healing from Surgical Scars - Womb Cleansing

How does a yoni steam work?

Physical body: As the herbs heat up in your covered pot of boiling water, they release volatile and aromatic oils, which infuse in the steam that builds up as you boil. The herbal steam relaxes your pelvic muscles, enters your vulva and is carried by the heat up into your womb. The steam opens and releases, increasing circulation and blood flow to our uterus, bringing life-giving heat and warmth essential to detoxing and directing the medicinal oils of the herbs where they need to go. Always remember: Heat is medicine for the feminine body. Good blood flow is essential to yoni health. Plants are our Healers and Teachers :)

Emotional body: Our womb is where we carry emotions around anger, resentment, inability to forgive and let go of past traumas. It is also where we carry our creativity, self-expression, ability to manifest abundance and most importantly, the magic of our life-giving, compassionate, feminine essence. When our womb is full of one, there is no room for the other. As science is now finding out, our emotional and physical bodies are connected - our emotional state determines our physical health. Yoni steaming supports the release of past trauma to welcome in the new seeds we wish to grow. We forgive others to set ourselves free! For more information on how to clear out the old and create loving space for the new, as well as meditation journeys to take while you steam, please visit the Rock Collage webpage and/or contact us directly.

Where does the practice of yoni steaming come from?

Women across the world have been practicing the ritual of yoni steaming for centuries. From Africa, Central/South America, Asia, India to Northern Europe, the practice has many names, from bajos to chai yok, and has been revered by herbalists, healers, shamans, medicine women and sisters from all walks of life to heal our bodies, connect with the earth and bring balance into our lives.

Why come here at Rock Collage and use our herbs?

Choosing our herb source is just as important as choosing our food source. The quality of the herbs you use to steam your yoni makes all the difference for your health and healing. That's why Rock Collage herbal blends are always organic, handcrafted and locally sourced. Each blend is backed by a certified Clinical Herbalist to ensure that you are receiving the highest self-care. Discover which blend is most favorable for your body. We also offer consultations & custom blends if you are experiencing specific challenges.

What will I feel after my first yoni steam?

Every woman has a different body and will have different results. Some women experience radical shifts in their menstrual cycle and/or symptoms right away. For others, it takes time and dedication to the practice to achieve desired results. Many women will receive their menstrual cycle a few days early the first time they steam. Some experience increased feeling in their womb-space, from cramping to heaviness. This is a result of the herbs supporting your body to contract and release old blood and tissue that your body may have been storing from YEARS of incomplete bleeding. Do not be surprised if/when you experience dark blood, heavier bleeding and/or clots. This is your body being fully cleared out, for perhaps the first time in your life. So sit back, relax and go with it. As you continue your steam ritual, your cycle will become easier and reduce PMS symptoms. One day it will become a joy and you will welcome your blood-time!

Every time we steam we are creating a permanent shift in our health and wellness – we can never go backwards, so reward yourself with positive affirmations every time you make the time to treat yourself to a steam. We know how hard it can be to carve moments out of our busy lives – trust us – your body and emotions will repay your efforts a thousand times over throughout the years! Imagine your steam is like taking a vitamin supplement. One time is great to supply you with the nutrients you need for the day, yet you only truly experience lasting results with a consistent practice. We recommend yoni steaming two to three times per month for optimal results. Remember, the foods we choose to consume also has a lot to do with how our bodies feel. When we eat clean, we feel clean.

When to NOT yoni steam:

You have ANY type of IUD

These are extremely harmful to your ovaries and yoni health. Do your research & consider removing.

You are currently bleeding from your menstrual cycle

You may steam before or after your cycle. Best time to steam is pre-ovulation.

You are pregnant or think you may be pregnant

Some yoni steam herbs support contractions & are not recommended for pregnancy

You have open wounds and/or sores around your yoni

Please consult a medical professional as soon as possible

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