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What is Your Body Telling You? Twitching, ringing, etc!

In Vedic Astrology a lot of emphasis is given to omens, astrologers often predict the outcome of situations based on changes in the environment they are in the moment the question is being asked. The human body can give clues in this direction as it is profoundly influenced by the planetary energies. The body can provide omens in the form of a slight twitching in a certain area of the body.

In Sakuna Sastra (The Astrology of Omens), these are considered very important. Below are the results we may expect when a twitching occurs in various parts of the body. The indications included in this article are taken from ancient Indian and Arabic astrological manuscripts.

The indications of twitching in various body parts:

Centre of the head: may receive some suspicious news.

The entire head: will become the head of the family. A gain of wealth and status.

The forehead: gains wealth and status.

The Right side of the forehead: will be relieved from a chronic disease.

The Left side of the head: will be respected in the society and gain a good name.

The Back side of the head: indication of hidden enemies.

The right eye brow: attains a higher rank and an increase of wealth.

The left eye brow: experiences difficulties.

The right eye: a good omen.

The left eye: indication of happiness. Will face difficulties boldly.

Edge of the eye adjacent to the nose: will win the case in the court.

Edge of the eye on the other side: will get wealth.

The upper lid of the right eye: attains wealth and status.

The lower lid of the right eye: people speak well the native. Possible danger to the brother.

The upper lid of the left eye: people speak ill of the native. A traveler comes back.

The lower lid of the left eye: a long distance travel.

The entire nose: gets lots of wealth and status.

The right side of the nose: The native overcomes fear of their enemy. Overcomes disease.

Left side of the nose: Will become rich gradually. Fulfillment of a desire.

The right ear: hears pleasant news.

The left ear: increase in sustenance.

The right earlobe: victory.

The left earlobe: an absent person comes back.

Both lips: meets a loved one.

The upper lip: will hear good news from relatives or friends. A dispute leading to a positive outcome.

The lower lip: will eat delicious dishes which he never tasted before. Very near sustenance.

The tongue: dispute.

The right side of the neck: auspicious events in the house.

The left side of the neck: indication of danger from enemies. Auspiciousness and wealth.

The right shoulder: native hears unpleasant news. Great wealth.

The left shoulder: sleeps in a strange place.

The part between neck and shoulder: may expect help from ladies.

Full chest: hugs a loved one.

Right breast: increase of money.

Left breast: good from near and dear.

Right side of the Chest (below the shoulder): will be honored.

Left side of the chest (below the shoulder): will be relieved from the troubles.

Stomach: will gain good name.

Navel: happiness and auspicious time.

Elbow of the right hand: will receive the fruits of the past deeds.

Elbow of the left hand: will gain wealth.

Full right hand: great wealth.

Right hand thumb: gain of wealth. Loved by the king (somebody in authority, boss etc)

Right hand index: somebody speaks ill of him.

Right hand middle finger: will commit sins.

Right hand ring finger: increase of wealth.

Right hand little finger: luck after difficulties.

Right hand wrist: gains wealth after difficulties.

Full left hand: gains status. An absent person comes back. If a female: gains of wealth.

Left hand thumb: will be honored. Wealth.

Left hand index: worries.

Left hand middle finger: their ideas will be fruitful.

Left hand ring finger: good for health.

Left hand little finger: will meet the king/authorities. Strength and power.

Full back: gets angry.

The right side of the back: possible danger from animals.

The left side of the back: a change of residence.

Full waist: Will purchase good dress material.

The right side of the waist: becomes happy regarding something.

The left side of the waist: gets married to whom they want.

Private areas: indicates that a friend or a relative in a foreign land is in difficulties. A blessing and status amongst people.

The right thigh: will win over the cases pending in the court.

The left thigh: the enemies will compromise. Gets a vehicle.

Both the thighs: Income from all sources and recovery of bad and doubtful debts.

The right knee: will face a sever anger. Befriends and a person in authority.

The left knee: a relative living in foreign land will visit and the native leaving grudges. Honored by a person in authority.

Both the knees: will commit deeds and win the hearts of those in authority.

The right leg: quarrels with somebody. Travels.

The left leg: new sustenance.

The right ankle: will live in a multiple storied building.

The upper side of the right foot: will leave his native land with sorrow. His speech is not liked by others.

The upper side of the left foot: the case pending in the court will be lost and it will be in favor of the opponent. Their situation improves.

The curve of the right foot: The money lent will not be recovered.

The curve of the left foot: possible indication of a disease.



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