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Aquarius Moon Sign

The future is now! People born with an Aquarius moon sign in their natal chart are known for their futuristic outlook and innovative ideas, possessing an almost otherworldly personality. An Aquarius moon sign is a peculiar individual, because they can tend to resist actually feeling their feelings. Much like those born with their Sun in Aquarius, the Aquarius moon sign might try to rationalize their emotions by saying how they think, instead of how they feel. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have a few soft spots!

If your moon is in Aquarius, you’re experimental and avant-garde by nature, and seek out edgy, daring new experiences—even making yourself a bit uncomfortable in the process! But sometimes, an Aquarius can push boundaries a little too far and offend others in the process. (Hey, maybe the world isn’t quite ready for your radical, future-forward ideas?

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