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Collage Crystals: Angel Aura

History of Angel Aura Quartz: For hundreds of thousands of years, scientists have been practicing alchemy, the science or practice of taking base metals and transforming them into precious metals, like gold. Angel Aura Quartz is the creation that scientists were left with, when they combined beautiful quartz crystal with platinum and silver. Many wholesalers from China use spray on coatings in an attempt to mimic Angel Aura's beautiful irridessence, but true Angel Aura Quartz has color no one can deny .

Healing and Meaning of Angel Aura Quartz: This crystal is a crystal of light, love, joy and consciousness for many reasons. Meditating with Angel Aura Quartz every day can show improvement in the stability of one's mood, balancing all of the chakras, thus leaving a clear path in one's mind and being to receive channeled messages from the divine. Angel Aura Quartz is actually recommended for daily use, as it carries a sweet, playful and happy energy, helping you see the positive in each day and situation.

Primary Chakras: All

Zodiac: All

Reference: Unknown Source

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