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Collage's Crystals 101: Amber

History of Amber: Amber's roots are planted in ancient times, from when Vikings used to carve animals and shapes from amber, believing that the strength of the animal would be brought to the resin, to the Greek and Roman women who would wear animal amulets carved from amber to symbolize and embody their fertility. The Chinese believe to this day, that tigers who leave the physical world are reincarnated as pieces of Amber, making this the second wild feline Amber is associated with (Leo the lion of the zodiac). Less popularly known, Amber is also indigenous to South America, Africa and even in our home base New Jersey!

Meaning and Healing of Amber: Amber is a stone of vibrancy, life, light and abundance! Since it is prone to harbor past living things, it carries a life force energy and represents Mother Nature in its brightest form. This special resin has been coined as the fifth element, or is referred to as a metal, because of its ability to conduct electricity if the user rubs it for a little while, a belief stemming from Chinese cosmology. Amber is a life giver, making it an amazing healing stone when it comes to any physical ailments, providing relief from depression, anxiety, inflammation and even teething in babies. Amber can greatly improve self esteem and confidence, as it dissolves fears, worries and anxieties that manifest in your body so you can live life at your truest potential!

Chakras: Solar Plexus

Zodiac: Leo, Aquarius

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