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Ancient people believed in the healing energy of crystals, not because they just didn't know any better or were highly susceptible to the powers of suggestion, but because it works. This is why crystals are still used in healing practices like Laying on Stones and Reiki. Various gemstones help heal different areas of the body, depending on their crystalline structure and color.


All stones vibrate. Some have a fast or high vibration rate while others have a moderate or slow rate of vibration. This vibration resonates within the human body when gemstones are on or near the body. The vibration rate, crystal composition and color determine which area of the body the crystal will have an effect on.

Quartz is an example of a crystal with a high vibration rate. It is commonly used in electronics. Quartz gemstones are composed of silicon dioxide. Clear quartz is the purest form. Its vibration surrounds you with negative ions which heal while it disperses positive ions that cause problems.

Clear quartz vibrations also enhance or amplify the healing effects of other crystals. It makes an excellent Focus stone in crystal grids.

Other types of quartz are also high vibration stones but the element that causes them to be a different color gives them a slightly different healing effect. Bright yellow to red-brown citrine, for example, is quartz with a bit of iron mixed in. The slight difference in composition makes this crystal useful for removing negative energy, stimulating healthy digestion and improving skin problems.

Amethyst is quartz that contains manganese and iron. These added elements make this crystal one of the best for use in healing practices for people, animals and plants. Its vibrations calm and sooth the mind and body. This soothing energy reduces addictive behavior, facilitates better blood oxygenation and improves the immune system.

Turquoise is another example of a crystal with various healing powers, depending on its color which is influenced by its composition. Blue turquoise contains copper while green turquoise contains iron and chrome. Turquoise, in general, has a unique vibration that is strong yet compassionate. It facilitates healing in the brain, ears, eyes, throat and lungs. Green turquoise, however, vibrates at a slightly different rate that is especially helpful to people who tend to be narcissistic or people who easily become hysterical and overreact.


The vibrations of some crystals can be felt as soon as the crystal makes contact. For example, you may begin to feel the vibrations from a natural gemstone necklace as soon as it touches your chest. Do not become alarmed. This is simply proof that the crystals are vibrating and the vibrations will reach areas in the body that are sensitive to that level of vibration. The vibrations stimulate these areas of the body like a healing massage, helping them to heal or function at their best.

If you have never utilized or worn natural gemstones before, you should get used to them gradually. The energy and vibrations are very real and could be overwhelming. Start out with a 10-minute session. If there are no ill effects, gradually increase the time.


Reiki practitioners utilize natural gemstones by placing them on healing points on the body or at certain points next to the body. He or she may use different crystals for each area or may use one particular gemstone that facilitates healing throughout the body and mind. A Reiki healer may also lay the gemstones out in a certain pattern known as a healing body grid. This coordinates the healing crystals according to their color energies and vibration levels for a more comprehensive healing session. Each crystal will target a particular area and/or enhance the healing vibrations of the other crystals.

  • Rose quartz, which gets its distinctive rosy hues from iron, manganese or titanium, may be used to facilitate emotional healing in matters of the heart and improve heart and circulatory system health.

  • Carnelian, which is a fibrous or cryptocrystalline type of quartz that gets its brown, orange or reddish color from iron oxide impurities, may be used to detoxify the body, increase circulation or heal the lower back.

  • Almandine garnet, an iron aluminum silicate stone that is also reddish to red-brown, may be used to improve circulation and help the body absorb iron.

Healing crystals used by Reiki practitioners are often selected specifically for each patient. One person may have problems that can be improved by the vibrations from amethyst and carnelian while another patient may be helped with citrine and rose quartz. Everybody is different and the healing crystals used in Reiki, or any type of crystal energy healing program, should be carefully selected for each individual.

Here at Rockcollage we use crystals, Aromatherapy, sound therapy, and energy healing in all of our reiki sessions to allow the body mind and spirit to fully heal it self.

If you haven't already had a session, Try one! Book one online or call Today to see how crystals and healing really work and how it can help you too!

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