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Perfect Healing Crystals for Corporate Wellness

Tired of feeling hopeless by the end of a hard day’s night? Adding crystal magic to your working ambiance is stunning to grow happiness, contentment, productivity, and personal success. In addition to activating your hidden strengths via chakra activation, using the right crystal can also transform your aura into charismatic bold, and intelligent!

8 Healing Crystals for People Working in the Corporate Sector Depending on what your goal is, you can harness crystal energy to become the star in your workplace, your favorite manager, or a friendly chief. If you’re new to a workplace, crystals can help avert the evil eye from newfound jealousy to keep you safe. Remember to clear your crystals at the end of every night and meditate on them every morning to prepare for a positive workday. · Obsidian Ideal for cleansing the psychic blur from your mental eye, obsidian also dispels negativity from your surroundings. It is excellent for people starting a new job or appearing for interviews as it helps to calm the wearer with soothing vibrations and psychic protection. Wearing the protective obsidian pendant will also help you attract success, fame, and fortune to your life. · Amethyst Yet another important protection crystal, amethyst is a powerful passion stone that can help you achieve your goals via the right path. Ancient scriptures tell us that amethyst was used as a successful talisman to boost the focus on aims. Meditating with Amethyst during the New Moon attracts positivity and makes your dream come true. The popular feng shui crystal is ideal to carry or wear this amethyst pendant on you to keep yourself far away from danger, especially if you’re awaiting promotion in your office. · Ruby A strong color energy that attracts dedication, ambition, hard work, and planning, Ruby boosts one’s courage and helps to speak the mind boldly. It is ideal for corporate workers trying to work their way up the ladder to make destiny work towards their dreams. Popular as the ‘stone of nobility’, ruby also attracts immense success to the wearer in addition to fame and abundance. · Black Onyx A powerful amulet capable of absorbing even chaotic evil, Black Onyx is a powerful spiritual stone packed with wisdom. It cultivates knowledge and attracts truth to corporate employees, to help realize the underlying truth behind things. Keeping this Black Onyx pendant close to your Third Eye or Crown chakra will keep you committed to your projects without falling into distractions. · Citrine A potent healing crystal responsible for bringing enlightenment to good luck, citrine is by far, the best crystal for corporate workers as it is known as the ‘Success stone’. Ideal for entrepreneurs, Citrine activates the solar plexus, which amplifies your potential as well as the urge to achieve goals. Wearing this citrine wisdom tree pendant helps to clear clouded thoughts about shifting careers, if you’re in such as situation. The bright healing light of citrine will clarify your thoughts as well as basic questions. · Black Tourmaline Black signifies the power to absorb negativity. Out of all the black-colored healing crystals, black tourmaline is the king of absorbing any amount of negativity. Wearing this black beauty on you regularly saves you from evil eyes and an uninterrupted flow of miseries. The powerful grounding stone is a personal success coach to meditate on. Keeping this black tourmaline pendant along with your office files or on the table will double your productivity, fame, and fortune abundantly. · Rose Quartz A love crystal that can help a leader gain trust in an office, rose quartz works well for new managers. It is often hard to find common ground or cut the distance between your staff when you have a sensitive project to consider. If you are trying to be a leader to your troupe or trying to gain your confidence amongst a new crew, this rose quartz choker necklace can lighten your load. · Smokey Quartz Natural Smoky Quartz Pendant Pendulum Crystal Healing Necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1 Yet another powerful crystal from the quartz family, Smokey quartz has excellent healing and charismatic properties. Wearing it for long generates a charming vibe around you that harmonizes your goals with that of your staff, making them creative and productive. Ideal for people in managerial or chief posts, wearing this Smokey Quartz pendant on your heart chakra will boost your confidence in the workplace too. For prosperity, success, fame, and wealth, remember to clear your quartz crystal before you sleep.


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