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Purpose Based Crystals

  • Anxiety: amazonite, amber, agate, emerald, Herkimer Diamond quartz, jasper, lepidolite, lodestone, obsidian, quartz, rose quartz, sodalite, turquoise

  • Balancing/Stability: amethyst, desert rose, jasper, pearl, quartz, red jasper, sodalite, turquoise

  • Banish fear: banded agate, bloodstone, sodalite

  • Banish negative energy: amethyst, black onyx, black tourmaline, danburite, lepidolite, malachite, onyx, quartz, smokey quartz, tourmaline

  • Calming: amazonite, Herkimer Diamond quartz, howlite

  • Clarity: azurite, citrine, fluorite, hematite, magnetite, obsidian, pietersite, quartz sapphire, smoky quartz

  • Cleansing: amber, obsidian

  • Courage: carnelian, hematite, turquoise

  • Creativity: amazonite, ametrine, apatite, aventurine, carnelian, celestite, chalcedony, citrine, fluorite (blue), lolite, jasper, kunzite, opal, sunstone, tiger’s eye, lapis lazuli

  • Divination: bloodstone, obsidian, turquoise

  • Empathy: aquamarine, blue aventurine, chrome diopside, rose quartz, malachite

  • Faith: emerald, imperial golden topaz, labradorite, onyx, sodalite, variscite

  • Friendship: ruby fuchsite, rhodonite, turquoise

  • Forgiveness: rhodonite, rose quartz

  • Happiness: amazonite, amber, citrine, red goldstone

  • Harmony: moonstone, rose quartz, sodalite

  • Healing: amber, Angelite, jasper, kyanite, malachite, quartz, rose quartz, turquoise

  • Help in focus: banded agate, citrine, lodestone

  • Hope: blue aventurine

  • Individuality: malachite

  • Inspiration: amazonite, amethyst, ametrine, blue chalcedony, blue goldstone, carnelian, citrine, garnet, orange calcite, quartz

  • Joy: amazonite, citrine, labradorite

  • Love: Angelite, citrine, desert rose, dragon blood jasper, garnet, jade, opal, quartz, rose quartz, ruby, turquoise

  • Loyalty: dalmatian stone, turquoise

  • Luck: amazonite, amber, apache tears, aventurine, sapphire, turquoise

  • Meditation: emerald, Herkimer Diamond quartz, quartz, sodalite, turquoise

  • Mind: pyrite, sodalite

  • Passion: carnelian, garnet, ruby

  • Peace: amazonite, amethyst, emerald, larimar, lepidolite, rose quartz, selenite, sodalite

  • Positive energy: amber, apache tears, calcite, citrine

  • Protection: amethyst, black tourmaline, hag stone, kunzite, obsidian, smoky quartz, tiger’s eye, tourmaline, turquoise

  • Prosperity: amazonite, aventurine, citrine, jade, moss gate, pyrite, ruby, tiger’s eye

  • Psyche: black tourmaline, calcite, emerald, labradorite, turquoise

  • Psychic: chalcedony, Unakite

  • Relieve stress: blue calcite, Herkimer Diamond quartz, lepidolite, quartz, sodalite

  • Self-confidence/Self-esteem: amazonite, amber, ametrine, black tourmaline, chrysocolla, garnet, larimar, pearl, prehnite, rhodonite, rose quartz

  • Serenity: emerald, lepidolite

  • Sleep: amethyst, emerald, howlite, lodestone, sodalite

  • Strength: amber, hematite, red jasper

  • Success: amazonite, pyrite

  • Tranquility: emerald, lepidolite

  • Trust: onyx, ruby fuchsite, sodalite, turquoise, variscite

  • Vitality: carnelian, garnet, orange calcite, red agate, ruby, ruby zoisite, sunstone,

  • Wisdom: tiger’s eye, sodalite

  • Wealth: aventurine, citrine, green calcite, jade, malachite, pyrite, tiger’s eye, tree agate

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