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Spiritual Baths for the Divine Feminine Goddess: What Are They And Why You Need One

Water is a feminine and very powerful element that can be used to connect you to the divine feminine and goddess energy within you. The water element is used in everyday practices, in rituals, and to sustain life.

We drink this element, use it to cleanse, and also use it for recreation. As humans, we are made of 80% water. Therefore it is only right to connect often with that which we are in order to get a better understanding and clarity on our true self. Our higher self.

What Is A Spiritual Bath

A spiritual bath is a bath done with intention. Intention is the act of setting a purpose or desire in order to get a specific result or outcome. When we take a bath with intention, it is powerful and will serve a purpose, the purpose that we desire. During a spiritual bath things are usually added to the bath water to intensify our intentions. Some things that may be added are herbs, crystals, flowers, coins, etc.

These items help to transmute the water and raise its vibration to match that of your intention. Usually when we take baths or showers, the intention is to get clean. We add soap to help us achieve that intention. If we are taking a bath to relieve muscle pain, we will add epsom salt, etc.

A spiritual bath can be viewed the same way. The only difference is the intent is more specific and usually based on a spiritual need or desire... cleansing, connecting with God, protection, or manifestation. These baths have been used for centuries up to present day time. The Egyptians of ancient Kemet and the Romans used spiritual bathing in ritual practices. Baptism is a common spiritual bath practice used by religions often in present time.

The Benefits Of Spiritual Baths

Spiritual baths help us to reset our energy, raise our vibration, and aid in manifesting our desires. These baths also help us to cleanse our aura and energy field that surrounds our physical body. This aura (energy) field holds all the vibrations of our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. When our energy field is not cleansed regularly, it becomes murky and effects our clarity of thinking. This can cause us to overthink and not be in tune with our intuition.

It is VERY important for empaths and healers to take spiritual baths regularly. These people absorb the energy of others around them and who they help. This causes them to not only hold their own thoughts, beliefs, and feelings in the energy field... but also those of other people in their environment. If you are feeling down and negative for no reason at all, it is probably due to your aura needing to be cleansed. A spiritual bath is an excellent way to do this effectively.

Spiritual baths can also benefit us by intensifying the intent behind that which we are trying to manifest. This can be to protect, cleanse, or attract love and abundance. Water is a yin element, and as a woman using water to manifest will help to bring your desires into physical form a lot faster. I love doing spiritual bathing during the full or new moon. Two powerful feminine energies mixed with your intention, prayer, and belief is POWERFUL beyond measure. (Use our candles with reiki and crystal to enhance your baths)

Lastly, taking a spiritual bath is very beneficial and effective in protection rituals where you must protect yourself from the negativity around you or sent to you. Using the intention and prayer during your spiritual bath is an excellent way to safe guard your aura. a common practice used by those in the religious community is the ritual and ceremony of baptism.

Types of Spiritual Baths

There are many different types of spiritual baths. You can create your own depending on your intention. A few of the common spiritual baths that I use frequently and advise others to incorporate into their routines and rituals are:

This bath is great to increase feelings of confidence, self-worth, beauty, and love within yourself. This in return will attract more love into your life from others. Check out Goddess Spiritual Bath To Increase Self Love and Attract Abundance for a powerful self love bath I like to do during a new moon or full moon. This bath is great to do on Fridays.

This bath is great to remove blocks you may have related to money and abundance. It will also raise your vibration and help you to attract more prosperity and material resources into your life. This bath is also great to do on Thursdays, the day of abundance.

A cleansing bath is not to cleanse your physical body, but your aura and mind. This bath will help you to clear away all negative energy caused by negative thinking patterns, beliefs, and also energy sent to you by others. It will help you to think more clearly and see things from a new perspective. People use cleansing baths to remove curses and hexes. This bath is more effective when done during storms, thunder and lightning specifically. I also love doing this bath during the dark moon phase which is 3 days before the new moon. This bath is great to do on Sundays.

This bath with the help you to protect and shield yourself from anything that means you harm. This can be the energy of others in the form of hate, jealousy, envy, or curses. This can also protect you from your own negative thinking and thought forms. Use this bath also to protect you from psychic attacks. I do a spiritual bath that includes both cleansing and protection regularly. I share it in this post. These baths are great to do on Sundays.

We carry baths that enable earth, wind, fire, and water elements. These elements help to support you in your time of balance. They are perfect before a presentation, anxiety attack, feeling overwhelmed, etc. I love doing these baths when I feel like I'm not getting the results I need before a big decision is to be made. They are also perfect during retrogrades of any planets that are affecting your chart.

Making spiritual baths a part of your life and regular routine will transform you. Start incorporating them today or at the new or full moon.

Let us know, how are you doing baths?

Until next time!


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