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Crystal Cleansing 101

Scrolling through Instagram and 200 different crystal articles, you’ll find all kinds of answers when it comes to keeping the energy on your crystals fresh:

”The sun is the best cleanser“

”New Moon energy is the best when it comes to cleansing your crystals”

”Only Full Moon Energy is fit for cleansing crystals!”

The answers seem infinite, and for a crystal novice, it’s easy to feel frustrated when clarity doesn’t seem like an option.

We’re here to break that pattern, so here are our top 3 ways of cleansing crystals.

1. Beach Sand

Ask yourself, Where do people go to immerse themselves in relaxation: The beach.

This is because the minerals in sand contain negative ions, whereas humans give off positive ions. The influx of negative ions balances us out and increases the production of good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin.

Crystals are little energy centers that need to immerse into neutrality and peace too. The ions from beach sand help pull out any stagnant emotions attached to energy of the crystal.

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2. Sea Salt

This is arguably the most powerful method of all 3 listed. Sea Salt has been used for centuries as a dispeler of negative energy and evil. Placing your crystals in a sea salt filled bowl for 24 hours will cleanse them of any lingering negativity. Be careful to NOT add any water, as some crystals will melt when they come in contact with liquids!

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3. Sage

Like Sea Salt, Sage has always been an ancient cleanser, used by Indigenous Americans to clear energy before spiritual ceremonies. When saging your crystals, make to remove them first! You have the option of saging the room entirely, as the crystals will still be cleansed by the sage, or you can simply blow the smoke onto the crystals for as long as you desire.

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Crystal cleansing happens as often as you feel it should, whether it be once a week or twice a month. It is advised, that after exceptionally strenuous or upsetting interactions you cleanse your crystals as soon as you can. You don’t want to carry any unnecessary negativity around!

Happy Healing Now and Always ✨💘

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